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Fishing tour in Thimphu. Bhutan. Asia

Fishing tour

An exciting way to spend your vacation is by opting for a fishing trip. Come and join us in a Fishing Tour to Thimphu. You are sure to have a good catch. If you feel enchanted by the beauty of the sea, you can also opt to have a swim.

Fishing tour in Thimphu

Fly fishing in Bhutan

Guide: Keys to Bhutan
Type: Fishing tour in Thimphu
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Frank:  Hello - There are four of us who would like you to help us put together our own trip to Bhutan. We think that 18-days might be the term of the trip. We would be interested in including in the 18 days, several days of camping in Bhutanese traditional tents. We have read a little about this and would like you to more fully explain what the camping experience would be like. Also, two of us are serious fly fisherman, and we would like an experienced fishing guide to assist us -- emphasis on experienced, someone who will be able to communicate with us beforehand about specifically what types of rods and reels are required and what fly selection is necessary. We have heard that there is some good fishing in Pho Chu and Punatsang Chu rivers in Punakha and fine camping and fishing in Nikka Chu. Perhaps you have other suggestions. In all, we would like about four days of exclusive fishing. Please get back to me with a proposed itinerary or your thoughts. The four of us are very committed to making this trip and eager to proceed with arrangements at this end. Thank you, Frank