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Private guide in Melnik, guided tours in Melnik, Bulgaria

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Language: Bulgarian
Currency: Lev (BGL)

Information about Melnik

Located in the southwestern Pirin Mountains in southwestern Bulgaria is Melnik. It retains its city status for historical reasons but it remains the smallest town in Bulgaria with a population less than 400 people. The city mostly consists of an architectural reserve and cultural monuments.

Melnik is a popular tourist destination as it’s associated with natural sand pyramids resembling ancient towers, obelisks and giant mushrooms. Milnik is also a hot-spot for wine, they are famous for the strong type of wine they’ve been making since 1346. Many new wineries have been built over the years and are excellent attractions for touring and wine tastings.


Visit the Byzantine House, it’s one of the oldest civilian buildings in the Balkans, built in the 12th or 13th century as a Bulgarian fortress. Old churches are St. Nicholas built in the 13th century, SS Peter and Paul built in 1840 and St. Nicholas built in 1756. The Rozhen Monastery has unique architecture and is a popular tourist destination. Melnik is a historic place with a rich history and many opportunities to experience what the city was like in the past. 

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