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Language: Bulgarian
Currency: Lev (BGL)

Information about Plovdiv

Do you wish to see another part of the world and need a great idea?   Plovdiv is a city in Bulgaria and has a humid subtropical climate.  There are four distinct seasons and large temperature shifts between seasons are common.   The city has over 200 archaeological sites.   Plovdiv is among the few cities with two ancient theatres, remains of the medieval walls and towers, Ottoman baths and mosques, a well-maintained old quarter from the National Revival period with lovely homes, churches and slender paved streets. There are various museums, art galleries and cultural institutions. Plovdiv proudly holds musical, theatrical and film events.   

The city is convenient for trips to places in the region such as the Bachkovo Monastery, Pamporovo ski resort, and Hisarya, Banya, Krasnovo, Strelcha spa resorts.  The Ancient Theatre is probably the most renowned monument from ancient times in Bulgaria.  Another important monument of the ancient city is the Ancient Stadium.  The Archaeological Museum contains an opulent collection of Thracian art. The three sections, Prehistory, Antiquity, and Middle Ages contain valuable items from the Paleolithic to the early Ottoman period.  

Churches, mosques, temples, stadiums, and shopping can also be found in this rich city.   Two of the first parks in Bulgaria are located in the core of the city and they are Tsar Simeon Garden and Dondukov Garden.   A few parks that guests enjoy visiting include the Botanical garden, Beliz Brezi, Ribnitsa and Lauta.   We kindly ask that you consider trekking to Plovdiv when arranging an upcoming vacation.  

Private Guide in Plovdiv

Private Guide in Plovdiv - Julien van Dommelen

(Member Since 2016) Languages: English, French

I specialise in historical and archaeological tours of Bulgaria and the Balkans. He has a passion for classical history, ancient knowledge, megalithic structures. Julien lives in Bulgaria for 6 years. He has learned Bulgarian and unravelled the origins of folkloric traditions that have been handed over millennia to young Bulgarians today.

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