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Population: 670,000
Language: Chinese
Currency: Yuan (CNY)

Information about Guilin

Guilin is a city that is found in the People’s Republic of China and it is known to have a humid subtropical climate.  The winters are short and mild while summers are long, hot, and humid.  Guilin is a common vacation area because of its beauty and interesting scenery. 

A great place to travel to and see is Silver Cave.  It has three layers and an excess of ten scenery locations as well as dissimilar kinds of pillars, which are extremely clear and sparkle the color of silver.   It is a truly breathtaking sight to behold.  A few renowned picturesque areas are snow-mountain with waterfall, music stone screen, and Jade Pool Wonderland.  Jingjiang Prince City is located beside the Li River that is a tourist attraction emphasized by the stunning Solitary Beauty Peak.  Why not take a tour of the Li River and soak in the interweaving natural landscape and historical spot; it is commended as a “city in a city” as far back as in ancient times.  

Star Cave is a widespread limestone cave compound in Seven-Star Park.  The limestone peaks sort of resemble the stars of the Big Dipper constellation and it is an awesome sight not to be overlooked.  The cuisine in Guilin is diverse and the restaurants serve a nice selection of excellent meals.  Guests enjoy trying regional culinary delights to enhance their submersion in the culture.  We are certain that once you visit this enchanting city you will see why it is a sought-after destination.

Private Guide in Guilin

Private Guide in Guilin - Jade

(Member Since 2010) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Guilin Languages: chinese and english

My name is Jade, from Guilin, China and I am glad to meet you here. I am tour guide in Guilin Yangshuo and would like to offer full information of this area as well as offer private guide services for the tourists who want to visit Guilin Yangshuo China. Our tours is includes Guilin tour, Yangshuo tour, longji rice terraces tour, Guizhou minority culture tour, huangyao old town tour, all of us tour is to meet your specific needs.

Private Guide in Guilin

Private Guide in Guilin - Andy

(Member Since 2011) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Guilin Languages: English

Hi,there,this is Andy.I am a private tour guide in the Yangshuo Guilin China. I offer a personalized tour for individuals, families, companies and anyone who would require of my services. All of my visits include the rental of a vehicle to get from place to place. The size of the vehicle will depend on how many visitors will be in the group.

Private Guide in Guilin

Private Guide in Guilin - Leo

(Member Since 2005) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Guilin Languages: Chinese, English

Guilin is reputed as the most scenic city and the most beautiful scenery city of China. I am native of guilin and i am pretty familiar with guilin and yangshuo, i have worked in the travel service for more than 2 year, with my experiences, kindness and patience i am confident my services will make you trip more convenient, comfortable, pleasant and valuable.

Private Guide in Guilin

Private Guide in Guilin - Shandy

(Member Since 2016) Languages: Chinese, English, Hebrew, Russian

My name is Shandy, I'm a licensed professional travel guide in Guizhou, Yunnan, Guilin and Yangshuo areas. I have been in tourism business for 16 years, started as a tour guide and now I run my own travel company. I work extensively with European travel companies, world class photographers and independent travelers. My colleagues and I design tours for you in tune with your individual interests and ideas.

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Hello, I,would like if you can be our guide in shanghai,nanjing,kaifeng,zhengzhou,louyang,hangzhou,wuxi and xuzhou ? in novermber? Can you arrange a private car rental with driver economical sedan car in the cities above?
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