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Population: 62,080
Language: Croatian
Currency: Kuna (HRK)

Information about Pula


The city of Pula is nestled amongst seven hills on a calm, protected bay of the blue Adriatic Sea. It is an idyllic location known for its unspoiled natural setting and comfortable climate. Positioned near the southern tip of the peninsula, Pula is the central administrative city for Istria and hosts a population of over 62,000.

Pula is an ancient city abundant with majestic stone structures such as the 1st century Roman Arena, the Triumphal Arch of Sergius, the City Palace and the Temple of Augustus.  There is also lovely resort area with boat tours in the calm waters to explore beautiful nearby islands.

Although famous for shipbuilding and fishing, Pula has always been known for its winemaking, which has helped to attract visitors throughout the ages. Tourism is always welcomed in this lovely city, and for wine aficionados and gastronomes there are wonderful Istrian Cooking Classes and Wine Tasting Tours.


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