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Private guide in Karlstejn, guided tours in Karlstejn, Czech Republic

Private guides in Karlstejn

Czech Republic

Language: Czech
Currency: Czech koruna

Information about Karlstejn

Perhaps the most famous castle in the Czech Republic is located in the market town of Karlstejn in the Central Bohemian Region. This large Gothic edifice was built in 1348 for the King of Bohemia and is today the most popular and frequently toured castle in the country.

Hiking trails welcome active tourists to explore the protected natural forests in the hills surrounding the town. The pleasant yet challenging hike to the “Svaty Jan Pod Skalou” (St. John Under the Rock) monastery is an interesting experience, revealing a deep cave and a natural spring at the foot of a sheer cliff. Some of the best rock- climbing adventures in the area are here near the monastery, and people enjoy swimming in some of the abandoned rock quarries.

The village below the famous Karlstejn Castle offers souvenir shops and cafes, plus several nice restaurants and pleasant hotel accommodations.

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