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An ancient pyramid was discovered in the southern highlands of Ecuador; an enigma among all major archeological sites in the Americas. An elite group of Archeologists were invited to study, analyse, and carbon date the Pyramid.

Their findings shocked them beyond belief forcing them to rethink history once again. Constructed on the peak of a mystical mountain 3300m above sea level, located higher than every other pyramid in the world, the 450m long and 40m tall temple ruins were carbon dated at 2400 years BC pre dating the Incas and the Aztecs making it the cradle of civilisation in South American. The pyramid is an ancient observatory of the “INTI” God the sun, where Amautas and Yacchas (Andean wiseman and priests) would unite to heal and praise Mother Earth or Pacha Mama” , to worship and thank her for the prosperity bestowed to the people of the Andes in the form of a good harvest, health, and spirituality.

The pyramid is UNIQUE among all others in the world, measurements and arial photos show that it was constructed in the form a giant “Guacamaya” an endangered bird sacred to the Andean people and the holiest of all spirits. The Guacamaya is also related to the birth of the Cañari people, and it´s symbol is omnipresent in all Latin American cultures. Holy and ceremonial jars, and pots symbolising the Guacamaya have been found amongst the indigenous tribes of the Guarani and the Incas and even as far north as Central America in Aztec and Mayan culture.

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Languages: English, French, Spanish, Others
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