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Artal Gramunt Pujol - Private Guide in Munich

Private Guide in Munich
 Member Since 2015  Professional license orcertificate Professional
Country: Germany I conduct tours in cities: From Germany to Austria, Munich Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: YES Languages: English and Spanish Education: Business Management Experience: 3 years Licenses, Training and Certifications:

Business Management Degree. Marketing Management Master.

Languages: English and Spanish

I'm originally from Barcelona and since 2011 I live in Munich (Germany) and I work with my own guided Tours agency.

I studied in Barcelona business management and a Marketing Master.

When I arrived in Munich I realised that my German was not good enough, so I started to work as a turist guide with English Tours. Then, what it suposed to be provisional became my passion and my subject to fight for.

I'm apassionate about history, new tecnologies, food and restaurants, marketing, cinema, sports.

I practice triathlon very often so everyday I practice one of the sports. Private guide in Berlin.

Munich is a very interesting city to visit. Guide in Berlin. In Munich one can find the headquarters of global car brands (BMW, Audi), Munich celebrates every year the most popular and important beer festival in the world, Munich was an Olympic city in 1972, Munich is a very historical city, in Munich Adolf Hitler founded the nazi party, and much more.

Come to Munich and Bavaria and visit it with Munich and Bavaria Tours!

Attractions:Munich, Bavaria, Germany