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Bragi Ragnarsson - Travel Agency in Reykjavik

Travel Agency in Reykjavik
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You would probably ask yourself why you should visit Iceland, and whether it is an interesting place to explore. Well, you should know that it is a remote northern island, and also a democratic republic. Its history is relatively short, but definitely colorful. It is true that the economy in Iceland is much troubled, and the currency has devalued quite recently.

All these factors make Iceland a cheap tourist destination, and consequently all the guided tours in Reykjavik are available almost for every person. It is worth noting that Iceland has its own language, and its cultural heritage is remarkably rich, especially in the domain of literature. All the private guides in Iceland also note that its nature is unique and simply incomparable, as far as it is the land of ice and fire. There are so many places visit, sites to explore! Among them are the active volcanoes, extensive lava fields, spouting geysers, desserts, rumbling rivers, remarkable waterfalls, glaciers and mountains.

Most of the private guides in Reykjavik also note the midnight sun during the summertime. All the members of our company support the preservation and protection of the natural beauty of Iceland. Mr. Bragi Ragnarsson is the head of the company. He is also a licensed guide, a professional driver, and a hiking guide. We offer a wide range of sightseeing tour in Iceland. Our main priority is to make your stay in Iceland unforgettable and most interesting. 

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