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Suprapto Sadjim - Private Guide in Yogyakarta

Private Guide in Yogyakarta
 Member Since 2012  Country: Indonesia City: Yogyakarta Airport Transfer: NO Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: YES Languages: English Education: Techinic and Management of Industry

Languages: English

I am private travelscout. Experienced and have scaled Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Lombok. I will assist you with my knowledge and experience, and will follow your itinerary travel plan, so the tour is absolutely yours. Ofcourse I will provide you with a few of option. I am your tour secretary and guard, whom will work for your tour convenience and safety.

I am living in Yogyakarta, the place that demographically placed in the middle of Indonesia, a perfect place to setup your next travel trip. Because from here, you can go anywhere in Indonesia easily at a lower cost, while enjoying the city and culture tour.

Basicly, I have 3 option of trekking and traveling tour: light, middle, and heavy. A light tour will take minimum 24 hours, and will not exceed than 100 km from Yogyakarta. The middle one will spend approximately a week and has possibility to cross to other island. And the heavy tour could take two weeks until 1 month. Imagine this, I was travel and trekking to catch 7 summits of Kerinci, Gunung Tujuh, Singgalang, Marapi, Sibayak, Deleng Singkut, and Sinabung in Sumatra for 1 month, yet to mention other destination like Toba Lake for paragliding, rafting in Bukit Lawang, surfer paradise Nias, or Lau Kawar Lake in South-east Aceh.

I will assist and lead you to the original Indonesia traveling experience.