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Iran - Private Guide in Tehran

Private Guide in Tehran
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Iran is a private enterprise established to provide cultural as well as the best mountain hunting and nature tours available today in Iran. Our Outfitting branch is authorized by the department of the environment to arrange and organize hunting safari and nature tours in Iran. The entire staffs of our Outfitting Branch consist of professional hunters and naturalists whose only goal is; to provide you with an unforgettable adventure and a successful safari.

As you are undoubtedly aware, Iran has recently opened its doors to the world’s hunters and nature lovers. Iran’s wide array of wildlife and unsurpassed historic and natural beauty makes it a perfect destination. From hunting the majestic Persian Ibex, or trans-Caspian Urial down to diminutive but elegant laristan Sheep ,to photographing some of the rarest animals in the world such as the Asiatic cheetah or Persian fallow deer, a once in a lifetime experience is awaiting you.

Iran’s natural beauty is breathtaking. The department of the environment maintains over 70 national parks. Game reserves and sanctuaries all over Iran. A variety of wildlife, from the Asiatic cheetah to the Persian fallow deer and Asiatic Wild Ass can be seen and photographed. Abundant ancient archeological sights can also be visited during any program. You can photograph wildlife on one day and Persepolis on the next.