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Avraham Tuval - Private Guide in Jerusalem

Private Guide in Jerusalem
 Member Since 2012  Professional license orcertificate Professional
Country: Israel City: Jerusalem Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: NO Languages: English, Ivrit Education: Certified Tour Guide MBA B.Sc. Computers

Languages: English, Ivrit

Being a native-born Israeli with a passion for his country, Avraham Tuval has years of experience working as a certified private guide in Israel. His love for his country and hi-tech education allows him to offer both traditional and specialized tours that will please different groups of customers.

If you are a professional and visiting the country for business, Avraham will be glad to assist you as a hi-tech business expert with vast knowledge of the local economy. Families will enjoy a guided tour in Israel with a visit to the most popular attractions. Religious tourists, whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim will certainly appreciate the specialized tours aiming at the most important sites of their respective religions. Various city tours are also available for Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem and other locations. History lovers will certainly appreciate thematic tours throughout Israel focusing on ancient history sites that are so abundant in this country. And of course, each tour can be custom-tailored according to your preference with the goal to meet your every requirement and make your visit to Israel the best experience you can get from this country.

Having an Israel private tour guide is crucial for exploring this country. With such a wild mix of traditional and moderns, European and Oriental, old and new, Israel can sometimes be confusing for the unprepared visitors. It’s not a big country, but it certainly has a lot to offer, starting with ancient city ruins to modern Red Sea resorts of the highest class. So make sure to contact Avraham and tell him your main interests, and he will offer a tour that will show you the most interesting parts of Israel, its culture, history, people, distractions and all other things this country is know for.