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Steve - Private Guide in Tokyo

Private Guide in Tokyo
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Languages: English

We aims to please the travel adventurer who seeks more than a cookie-cutter tourist package. Travel with us to savor the authentic flavors of Japan.

My name is Steve.
We are my company and my passion. I think you will find most other companies offer tours to multiple locations determined by their market research, and they hire professional escorts to lead these tours. While these professionals are often good at what they do, they tend to treat the whole process as a "job." I started this company because I deeply respect, admire, and enjoy Japan and the Japanese people and culture, and I derive great pleasure from sharing my enjoyment with others.

My tour groups to Japan are intentionally limited in size. There are several reasons for this. It allows us to travel easily on the subways and trains rather than in a motor coach; to enjoy small restaurants; to visit crowded places (and there are many of those in Japan!) without risk of separation; and overall, to have a much more intimate experience of Japanese culture. Also, it enables me to pay more attention to personal needs and wishes, and the group members do not feel as if they are part of a herd.