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Rudie - tour operator in Petra

tour operator in Petra
 Member Since 2006  Country: Jordan I conduct tours in cities: Petra, Wadi Rum Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: YES Languages: English Education: University of Jordan, School of Tourism Licenses, Training and Certifications:

Jordan Tour Guides Association (JTGA)

Languages: English

Hello! My name is Rudie, and I work as a private guide in Jordan. Petra is my home town and I really like this place. That is why I started organizing private tours in Petra in 1995. Petra is a cradle of secrets, and a pure gem of the ancient world. It is hidden amidst sublime rugged mountains and in certain points it is impossible to reach it on any transport.
There are countless places of interest and landmarks in Petra, which makes this city truly a hot spot for any travelers and tourists. Somebody said that there is no such place as Petra, and it is actually true, because Petra is unique.  It is a rock-carved rose-red ancient city, which in 2007 was labeled as one of the modern seven wonders. No wonder it attracts so many tourists annually and is considered to be the most interesting and gorgeous place in Jordan. As the matter of fact Petra is the legacy of the Nabataeans, who were a highly developed industrious Arab people. According to the historians they lived in the south of Jordan more than 2000 years ago.
Petra was labeled as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We can learn a lot about Petra from its name. It is derived from Greek and means “stone”. The most interesting preserved monument of Petra is The Treasury. It was carved out of stone with great mastery. All the tours in Petra are organized early in the morning and late afternoon, when all the stones of Petra are shining under the sun rays. 
Attractions:Petra, Jordan