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Korea South

Language: Korean
Currency: South Korean won (KRW)

Information about Jeju

Jeju Province is among the nine provinces of South Korea.  This Island has a temperate climate and even during the winter, the temperature hardly ever dips lower than freezing point.  This region is a fantastic destination location for tourists as there is so much to see. World Heritage Site, Jeju Volcanic Island, and Lava Tubes are a few of the spectacular points of interest that guests often enjoy visiting. 

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall on Jeju Island is completely breathtaking and should not be missed seeing due to its magnificence.  Hallim Park is one of the most antiquated and famous tourist attractions on Jeju. It has a yearly fire festival on the island that originates from a tradition of removing harmful insects and old grass in villages each winter.   The Jeju Olle Trail is a long distance footpath on Jeju Island that offers an insight into the lives of everyday people on the island and the distinctive natural beauty of Jeju Island.

Formed by emitting lava, "the lava turtle," "lava pillar," and "Wing-shaped Wall" appear to be the work of the gods. These landmarks are known to be worldwide tourist attractions.  Additionally, Jeju possesses spectacular beaches for tourists who like to soak up the sun.  The restaurants in this region are excellent and aim to please guests.  Cuisine in Jeju is very tasty and offer Gamgyul which is a type of orange similar to the Mandarin orange or tangerine, normally reaped in Jeju Island.   Please contemplate deciding upon Jeju when organizing your vacation.

Private Guide in Jeju

Private Guide in Jeju - Charles

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Hello! Let me introduce myself. I am Charles from jeju south korea. I live in jeju city. I am a driver & private guide here in jeju island. I majored in english literliture when I was in university. After graduation, I have worked for travel agency for about 9 years as a tour conductor.As for me traveling around the world is very interesting.

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