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Population: 900,000
Language: Russian
Currency: Kyrgyzstani som (KGS)

Information about Bishkek

Bishkek is the capital and largest city in Kyrgyz Republic.  The climate in this region is a humid continental environment.  The summers have dry stretches while winters have occasional snow storms and dense fog.  The Kyrgyz Ala-Too is a mountain range behind the city, giving a splendid view to onlookers. 

There is the Ala Archa National Park for those who wish to enjoy a leisurely walk and take in the outdoors. It is also a sought-out location to have picnics,  go hiking, skiing, and even dare to go mountain climbing.  The park stays open throughout the year; however, summer and fall attract the most tourists. One of the museums that is great to see is the Frunze House Museum. The famous Bolshevik leader Mikhail Frunze was born in Bishkek and the museum possesses the house where he was born.   Another museum is the State Museum of Applied Arts.  The totality of the collection of works surpasses 17,000.  Additionally, a number of galleries of paintings from the soviet era, reproductions of Egyptian, Greek, classical Western sculptures, and an assembly of linocuts based on the Manas epic by Hertzen are located at the museum.

A remarkable experience is traveling to Ala-Too Square where there is an independent monument.  Visitors can witness the changing of the guards should they wish.  Guests often enjoy the Osh bazaar.  This is a lively, scenic, produce market that is available to those who wish to purchase wholesome, fresh vegetables.  Bishkek is an all-around terrific destination to visit.

Private Guide in Bishkek

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