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Population: 80,000
Language: English
Currency: Rufiyaa (MVR)

Information about Male

Located at the southern rim of North Male Atoll is the capital of Maldives, the island of Male. It used to be called the Kings Island as the Maldive Royal dynasties once ruled in Male and the palace was located there as well. As the city fights for democracy, Male has been the center of political protests.  

In the quiet city of Male you can expect narrow streets, colorful houses and high rise buildings all surrounded by seawalls. Scuba diving enthusiasts from all over the world come to Male for the underwater riches. At Beach Heaven you can snorkel the reef, fish, have a dolphin encounter, feed the fish and go canoeing or surfing and end the day with a BBQ on the beach. Find a local souvenir shop and purchase a dhoni, a hand carved replica of the actual boats that are used in Male. 

Take a trip on a whale submarine and experience ocean life just off the coast of Male. This 30-40 minute trip is a must-see. Take an ocean cruise, go backpacking or do some shopping. One rule of thumb when visiting Male is to dress respectfully. Women should keep shoulders and legs covered and men’s shorts be below the knee.

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