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Population: 1,114,000
Language: Portuguese
Currency: Metical (MZM)

Information about Maputo

Airport - Maputo International Airport is the main international airport of Mozambique.
Shopping - African fabrics both waxprint and woven in the fabric shops along the Avenida de Guerra Popular. Cashews all over the place, roasted, salted, plain, any which way and nearly anywhere. Wood carvings, boxes, picture frames from curio vendors. Batik cloth ranging from the tacky animal stuff to glorious works of art. Most of what is on offer is on the lower quality end, but persistent searching will yield some gems among the dross.


  • Fatima's Place - 1317 Mao Tse Tung Avenida, Maputo, Phone: +258 (0) 82 4145730 - +258 (0) 82 3070870
  • The Base Backpackers - 545 Avenida Patrice Lumumba
  • Hotel Polana - Avda Julius Nyerere, 1380, Maputo Mozambique
  • Hotel Avenida - Av. Julius Nyerere, 627, Maputo 3236 Mozambique
  • Hotel Cardoso - Avda Martires de Mueda 707, Maputo Mozambique

  • Chicken Piripiri - 24 de Julho and Avda
  • Mundos - Avenida Julius Nyerere 657, Maputo, Mozambique, Phone: (+258) 21-494-080
  • Rodízio Real - Av. Julius Nyerere, 794, CP 1750 Maputo, Phone: (+258) 21-497-275
  • Francesinha snack bar - Rua Mateus Sansão Muthemba #171, Maputo, Phone: (+258) 824-101-283
  • Mimmos - Avenida 24 de Julho, Maputo - Mozambique
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