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Jos Nusse - Private Guide in The Hague

Private Guide in The Hague
 Member Since 2012  Country: Netherlands City: The Hague Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: NO Languages: Dutch English German Spanish Education: I have been an entrepeneur all my life, working in marketing and communication Experience: teacher, entrepeneur, software programmer,

Languages: Dutch English German Spanish

Born in 1954, I am a story teller by nature. Private guide in Amsterdam. Trained to be a teacher in physical education, my life has been always full of surprises. After traveling throughout the world I worked and lived in the US, France and Spain for several years. Settling down for me was going back to the city where I was born and raised, wonderful Den Haag. Guide in Amsterdam. City of Peace and Justice (being the second United Nation city right after New York) we have so many interesting issues to share.

Are you in for a tour of international justice – we would visit the Peace Palace, the International Criminal Tribune for the former Yugoslavia, the Organization for the prohibition of Chemical Weapons and many other UN-connected organizations.

Are you more interested in cultural aspects and museum, there is the Mauritshuis (The girl with the pearl earring by Johannes Vermeer, but some Rembrandt paintings, or Rubens), but there are also some ‘light version museums’ that might be interesting for younger people!

Or how about a nature tour through our dunes. Den Haag is several meters below sea level and I live only 500 m from the sea. Interested how we manage, I will tell you our history and my story!

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