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Population: 600,000
Language: Arabic
Currency: Omani Rial (RO)

Information about Muscat

The capital of Oman and the largest city in the Governorate of Muscat is the city of Muscat. The landscape is dominated by the Western Al Hajar Mountains. Settled on the Arabian Sea, along the Gulf of Oman, the city is a trading center that specializes in petroleum. 

Retail therapy can be achieved at Sabco Centre. It’s a collection of shopping centers that sell various handicrafts, jewelry, nuts, spices, incense, earthen ware and shawls. Godiva Chocolates can be purchased here. If you haven’t tried Godiva Chocolate, it’s a must-do item to add to your list. The Al Fair is a chain of supermarkets selling a wide variety of foods. 

For the energetic travelers, there is much to see and do in Muscat; night safari’s, rock climbing, trekking, turtle watching, camel racing, horseback riding, dolphin watching or scuba diving. Visit the Museum of Omani Heritage, the National Museum of Oman or the Oman Children’ Museum al Zubari or the Omani Aquarium and Marine Science and Fisheries Centre. The city is rapidly expanding which has led to an improvement in the economy in this multi-ethnic society. 

Private Guide in Muscat

Private Guide in Muscat - Ahmed

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Expert in the Tourism market, net marking ,team work leader ,customer service adviser. Mobility & ability to work effectively under pressure and in multinational environments. Capable of physical heavy outdoors work for long hours to build a good base of loyal customers.

Private Guide in Muscat

Private Guide in Muscat - Issa

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One of the most attractive travel destinations in the Middle East located on the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula with a coastline of 1,700km from the Strait of Hormuz in the north, to the borders of the Republic of Yemen in the South.

Private Guide in Muscat

Private Guide in Muscat - Oman

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One of the most easy-going of the Gulf countries, Oman is a rewarding destination for travelers. As increasing numbers of people are finding out, Oman is worth much more than the standard 24-hour stopover for duty-free shopping on journeys between Europe and the Far East. Oman offers exhilarating scenery, adventure travel and a taste of an older, pre-oil Arabia in its souqs and villages.

Private Guide in Muscat

Private Guide in Muscat - Tony

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We specialises in providing Cultural Tours throughout Oman. The companies management have 12 years experience of In-bound tourism be it as tour director for cruises by international ships in Omans waters or designing a round Oman tour for American visitors.

Private Guide in Muscat

Private Guide in Muscat - Valentina

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My name is Valentina. I live in the beautiful country which has stretched its open spaces along the coast of Indian Ocean and occupying more than quater of the Arabian Peninsula. Sultanat of Oman is the state surprisingly combining the very developed modern infrastructure with the most ancient history. An official political system is the Absolute Monarchy. The country's Ruler is His Majesty Sultan Kabuz.

Private Guide in Muscat

Private Guide in Muscat - Yaqoob

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I'm a very enthusiastic person who is very proud of my country's great tourist destination and willing to show the most of it with passion. I love travelling and meeting new people from different cultures as well as driving for long distances.