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Karakorum Highway & Khunjerab National Park Sost Tour

Eco and Wildlife tour in Hunza

Tour Price : subject to required services Duration : Minimum 12 days and Maximum even for a month Languages: English

KHUNJERAB NATIONAL PARK Khunjerab National Park was established in 1975 with the prime aim of protecting Marco Polo sheep (Ovis ammon polii) in its natural habitat. The park lies in the extreme northern part of the former Hunza state known as Gojal. The writing and carvings on the scared rocks of Hunza tell that the this valley has served as a link between China and Gandhara (modern NWFP) and eastern Afghanistan. These inscriptions also reveal that area was ruled by a local prince named Dera Sri Chandra Vikramaitya durng the Gupta period. KNP situated amidst the three great mountain ranges of the world, offers varying aspects and climatic conditions most favourable to nature the rich biological heritage. Studies reveal that this high mountain landscape is home to wide range of biodiversity, including more then 100 birds, 25 large mammals, 7 small mammals, 3 reptiles, one amphibian and 150 floral species. Some of the globally threatened and endemic mammals like snow leopard, Himalayan Ibex, Marco Polo Sheep, blue sheep, brown bear and Tibetan wild ass, make the park biodiversity hot spot in the cold desert region of Pakistan. KNP also has a great mass of sky reaching mountains, snow covered peaks, treks, passes and pastures, in the lape of great pamir. Being alpine in nature, the area has comparatively harsh winters but mild autumn and pleasant summer, with mean maximum temperature ascending up to 27 degree centigrade in May and descending below 0 degree centigrade in November and onward. HIGHLIGHTED ITINERARY Day 01: Islamabad Day 02: Islamabad - Besham Day 03: Besham - Gilgit Day 04: Gilgit - Hunza Day 05: Hunza Day 07: Hunza - Sost Day 08: Sost - Khunjerab Pass - Gulmit Day 09: Gulmit - Gilgit/Chilas Day 10: Gilgit/Chilas - Besham Day 11: Besham - Islamabad Day 12: Fly Back We look forward to hear from you and assuring you of our best services & cooperation at all the time. Have a wonderful travel in coming years!!!

Additional information

Tour information:
Tour Price: subject to required services
Duration: Minimum 12 days and Maximum even for a month
Languages: English
Tour package includes:
Airport Transfer :NO
Hotel pick-up:YES
Drop-off :NO
Tour Transportation (car, van, limo, boat, etc…):NO
Food and Drinks :NO
Other services (fees apply):
Attraction tickets (concerts, theater, museum, circus...) :NO
Translation services :NO
Reservations (hotels, restaurants, airline) :NO
Visa support :NO
Additional information:
This tour must be booked at least 7 days in advance of your travel date :YES
Tour groups must include a minimum of 2 passengers :YES
Tour prices are flexible and based on your requirements :NO
Attractions:China, Tibet