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Evgeniy Prygov - Private Guide in Krasnodar

Private Guide in Krasnodar
 Member Since 2015  Country: Russia City: Krasnodar Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: YES Languages: English, Russian, Mongolian (basics) Education: Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering, Geological Exploration College (current) Experience: Started to work as a guide just two years ago upon arrival back to the hometown. Licenses, Training and Certifications:

No licensing is legally required to provide with private guide services in my area.

Languages: English, Russian, Mongolian (basics)

I am 41-years old family man with extensive expat experience and around 20 countries visited by both work and leisure with family. Spent seven years living in the Central Asia and used to work in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Turkey, Indonesia, Rwanda, Canada, so my communication circle is not consists of my tour clients only and much wider in fact. That basically means I am perfectly understanding the cultural differences, all possible demands and needs of people while travelling etc.

Communication is not an issue this way too. Whatever specific interest or demand you may have, there is a good chance I had a similar myself in another country or at least I can get easier of what my client is talking about. From the other side, I grew up in this region, so there are many local stories and legends I have to tell while travelling there and here in my comfy SUV with tour clients.

I like to go fishing or mountain trekking myslef, so that would be very easy to organize for my guests. Security or just feeling self-confident is the top important for the travelers and is that why, the mobile phone with a prepaid local sim card - is the first thing my guest is getting from me upon arrival.