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Population: 450,000
Language: Slovak
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Bratislava

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia.  There are four seasons with precipitation distributed all throughout the year.  The most well-known contemporary landmark is the UFO restaurant that spans across the Danube River in Bratislava. 

The Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising is the seventh largest cable-stayed bridge in the entire world and is a single-pylon cable-stayed steel bridge.   A fantastic restaurant and café are seated on top of the python and is accessible from street level by an elevator.   An extra reward for the city is the recently-opened observation deck situated on top of the roof that provides a breathtaking view of Bratislava and its surrounding vicinity.  There are many extravagant modern-style buildings and ancient towers to view.    Bratislava Castle is a notable and outstanding structure.  

This colossal rectangular structure has four corner towers and is located on a secluded rocky hill above the Danube River in the center of Bratislava. As a result of its magnitude and position, this edifice has been a prevailing landmark of the city over the centuries.  The castle offers exceptional views of Bratislava, Austria, and sections of Hungary. Many legends are associated with the castle’s history.  

Devin Castle is a paramount icon of Slovak and Slavic history.  The small watchtower is named, Maiden Tower, is apart from the central castle, and balances on a single rock.  Two parks that are appealing venture to are Bratislava Forest Park and Bratislava’s Zoological Park.  The scenic Botanical Gardens, property of Comenius University, are located on Danube riverfront.  

Private Guide in Bratislava

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I am 30 years old and have a passion for traveling a getting to know other people. I have been organizing tours in Bratislava ever since I can remeber, first just for my family, then for my friends, their friends,... I also enjoy sport, nature and good food. I also organize culinary courses combined with nutrion courses and healthy kitchen.

Private Guide in Bratislava

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We are a family run Ltd .company in the capital Bratislava. The owner of the company is English with experience in dealing with customers and is looking forward to welcoming you to Slovakia . He came here in...

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