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Language: Spanish
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Murcia

The capital and most populated city in south-east Spain is Murcia. Located on the Segura River in the Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, Murcia has a mild climate with low precipitation, hot summers and mild winters. Mountain ranges can be found in Segura’s River Valley including the Hills of Guadalupe, Espinardo, Cabezo de Torres, Esparragal, Monteagudo and Cordillera Sur.

See the historical side of Murcia at The Cathedral of Murcia, it was built between 1394 & 1465 in Castilian Gothic style. The main façade is considered a masterpiece of the Spanish Baroque style. Many bridges span the river Segura. The 18th century stone bridge is Puente de los Peligros, it has a Lady Chapel on one side. The Puente Nuevo is an iron bridge that was built in the early 20th century. There are also modern bridges designed by Santiago Calatrava and Javier Manterola.


There are many castles to be explored in Murcia. The Castle of Moratalla is one of the largest castles in the province. It was built to defend the town from invaders. Lorca Castle is known as the Fortress of the Sun while Castle Mula is of Muslim origin. 

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