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Sri Lanka

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Currency: Sri Lankan rupee (LKR)

Information about Negombo

Negombo is a terrific choice in vacation spots due to the diverse activities offered.  Negombo has a tropical rainforest climate that falls within the Köppen climate category.   Rainfall occurs chiefly from southwestern monsoons from May to August and then from October to January. 

Negombo consists of mostly Roman Catholics as well as Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus.  The Katuwapitiya, Sea Street, and Grand Street Churches are the three largest parishes in Negombo.   Agurukaramulla Raja Maha Viharaya is a renowned Buddhist temple that attracts Buddhists from all over Sri Lanka to Negombo every year.   Hindu temples are numerous and encompass Muththumari Amman, and Karumari Amman.  Negombo has various Jumma mosques and one of the most colossal is Negombo Grand Jumma situated in Sri Lanka.  There is a huge fish market in Negombo where visitors can purchase fish and arrange fishing excursions into the spectacular lagoon and ocean. 

Another attraction to see is the protected mangroves of the Negombo lagoon which houses more than 190 different types of wildlife.  Also interesting are remains of a Dutch fort constructed in 1672 and the ceiling murals of St. Mary's cathedral church. Negombo has an awesome beach on the west coast of Sri Lanka where water sports and diving are enjoyed.  A 50-year-old shipwreck can be viewed in the distance by spectators.   

For guests who are partial to shopping, there are local handicrafts and jewelry for sale on the beaches and in the city shops.  We ask that you consider Negombo for your next vacation destination.

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Travel Agency in Negombo - Kalum Niriella

(Member Since 2013) Languages: English, German

We are a Government registered travel company operating in Negombo Sri Lanka that offers individual, tailor-made holidays for the discerning traveler who values privacy, adventure and above all, a truly authentic Sri Lankan holiday. We work with you to give you the holiday you want at a price you can afford.

Private Guide in Negombo

Private Guide in Negombo - Upali Amarasiri Daluwatta

(Member Since 2015) Languages: English,Sinhala

I am Upali Amarasiri Daluwatta; I am Ceylon Tourist board approved official chauffeur and I have more than 20 years of experience in guiding, lecturing and driving. I can handle any number of tourists at a time.

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