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Private Guide in Kusadasi

Sinan Tortum - Private Guide in Kusadasi

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Izmir Tour

Excursion in Kusadasi


  We depart from Kusadasi on an excursion leading you to the third biggest city of Izmir. It was called Smyrna in the ancient time and it has ever been an important port through the ages. Now it is the hearth of Turkish modernism and secularism. Though neglected by some tourist guide books, Izmir is really the energy source of the modern Turkey.
  We start our sight-seeing with a visit at the Velvet Castle with a nice view of the Gulf of Izmir. Excursion in Ankara. The Velvet Castle was constructed by Alexander the Great's general Lysimachus. Now it is an area mainly populated by the immigrants from the Southern Eastern Turkey. Down the Castle, there are two sites awaiting to be excavated: the Theatre and the Stadion. Izmir is also aiming at beeing the host for Expo 2015.
  We then move forward to the Roman Agora-the market place dating back to Marcus Aurelius. The lower galleries were nicely restored, depicting how the public life was organised.
  From the Agora there is a short distance to The Basar, with several thousands of shops! The Basar is the old, oriental shopping area of Izmir. It has mosques and synagogues. Tour with private guide in Ankara. We have our lunch at one of the cosy restaurants there.
  After the lunch we spend some time in the lively Promenade-area.In the Promenade you find elegant cafes, restaurants and shops. The last, but not the least, there you also see the beautiful Izmirites!
  If desirable, shopping possibilities will be given. Izmir is also famous for thermal spas. If you want to test the spa of Izmir, the possibility is there.

Guide+ Private Car ( 1-2 persons) : 180 _
Guide+ Small Minibus ( 3-6 persons) : 250 _
Guide+ Large Minibus ( 7-10 persons) : 300 _

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