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Language: Ukrainian
Currency: Grivna

Information about Khmelnytskyi

Located in central Ukraine and partially in the north of Moldova on the banks of the Buh River is the city of Khmelnytskyi. The city is crossed by the Southern Bug, one of the longest rivers of Ukraine. The small river of Ploska, flows through the western portion of the city. The city ground-climatic conditions make the area ideal for producing; winter wheat, rye, sugar beet and potatoes. Many rock products are also shipped out of Khmelnytskyi; limestone, plaster, chalk, crystal layers, sandstones, graphite, lithographic stone, roofing slate and others. 

There are many historic places to visit in Khmelnytskyi such as Medzhbizh, an Orthodox church built in the 16th century. Letychiv, is a fortress with a Doninican sanctuary inside. Starokostiantyniv is a fortress established in 1571 with an amazing church inside. Samchyky, is a palace built in the Imperial Style that has a beautifully landscaped garden. Antoniny is large palace complex built during the 18th century with another gorgeous garden. 


Cafes, bars and nightclubs are spread throughout the city. The Elephant Pizzeria is only a ten minute walk from the city center. It offers traditional Ukrainian food, espresso and deserts. The Cimya Café is located in the central square. Perfect for breakfast or a snack they offer Jacket Potatoes, pastries, cakes, ice cream and hot and iced coffees. 

Private Guide in Khmelnytskyi

Private Guide in Khmelnytskyi - Natalia

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Ukraine is a very fascinating country with a very rich cultural and historical background. Every city has its own story to tell, and a good private guide in Ucraina will help you get this story in all the details. Khmelnytskyi is a fine example of such a place. Being a relatively small city, it has many cultural and historical relics both within its borders and in the surrounding areas, some of which date back to the earliest periods of Kiev Russia. Let me take you to these places and you will see how rich this region really is.

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