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Leon Glasman - Private Guide in Hawaii

Private Guide in Hawaii
 Member Since 2013  Country: United States City: Hawaii Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: YES Languages: Russian, English Education: MS in Physical Chemistry and Material Science; MBA in Management of R&D; MBA in Patent Works.

Languages: Russian, English

I was born in Tajikistan, part of the former USSR in the family of military journalism and medicine, and, with medical expeditions, traveled a lot around Middle Asia region, including Pamir Mountains (translated as “Roof of the World”), which, at least in my time, was a closed military zone.  After the graduation from University and already being Moskovitian and Manager of Department of Ministry of Electronic Industry of USSR, I traveled extensively around the country. Being a mountain skier for many years I attended all places and resorts including skiing trials.  

Married a woman who was from Crimea and her parents lived there also.  Her mom was a professional guide who really loved her job and Crimea overall.  So, with her, I explored the all hidden places of Crimea and fell in love with the area forever.  During my 22 years living in US I visited almost all the states and half of Europe, but the most amazing and unique place I discovered for myself only in 2012  was Hawaii.  I fell in love with Hawaii, moved here and now I want to share my love of this place with you.

HawaiiSo, Hawaii, in my opinion is one of the most unique places on the Earth – for hundreds of millenniums it existed a “hole” in the center of the Earth through which melted lava constantly comes up from the Earth core to its surface, more correct, to the bottom of Pacific Ocean (I call it “Earth's Belly Button”). Lava got solid, one layer upon another.  This formation continued to grow and, finally brake the ocean surface.   After it this, what we already call a volcano, continue to grow more and more.  This process is continuing.  In parallel to the vertical growth the entire tectonic plate, on a top of which the volcano sits, has constant horizontal movement towards the north-west direction (7 mm a year).  Eventually the volcano moves away from the “hole”. “Hole” drills another pass through the plate and starting another volcano and an island that was formed by lava – it is how appeared archipelago Hawaii.  The oldest island has name Kauai and and the youngest one is the island Hawaii or the Big Island.  As a matter of fact, the Big Island is moving away from it's formation and a new island is in progress. Soon (wait just another 50 thousand years) it will show up above the water surface.  Unfortunately, in their drift towards north-west all islands are being to drawn into the ocean.  For example, Kauai already lost tens of thousand sq. miles and it happened pretty fast. So, don't wait forever until all of them disappear in ocean in next hundred thousand years. Visit them now! :-)

HawaiiBecause of it's geographical position, the weather on the Big Island is very gentle, the difference between medium summer and winter temperatures being just few degrees Centigrade year round.  All the population wears shorts and shirts. On the other hand, the entire island is divided into two parts by the crest of volcanoes from north-east to south-west. This fact has tremendous impact on the weather of the  Big Island. The constant breeze from the East, saturated with ocean moister reaches the mountains, goes uphill, gets cooler and release all water on a “wet” east side of the island. Remaining air overcomes the mountains and continue it's way through the west “dry” part. Depending on altitude, the temperature varies.  The island has 11 climate zones from 13 known on the Earth. Wind picks up the Vog from the volcano and transfer it to the dry part (it is around 120 tons of sulfur dioxide exhausted by volcano Kilauea daily), but, in spite of it, the purity of the air here is one of the best in the World as well as the life span is the longest in US.

Local population is gentle, friendly and “thiefy” that makes it more close to Russians mentally than to Americans. May be that's why king-reformator Kamehameha consistently tried to put Hawaii under the protectorate of Russia, but Russian Emperor Alexander the First considered it to be a political adventure. In contrast, the practical Americans figured out the political and strategical advantages of this action and just occupied the islands with their troops.  Later in 1956 they announced Hawaii the 50-th state of US.

Big IslandThe Big Island, just because of it's size and climate diversity has more interesting and beautiful places than any other island. First of all it is Volcano National Park with the biggest in the World active volcano Kilauea.  You can walk through the “lava tube”, enjoy views of other volcanoes and visit museum of Volcano. I can provide auto tours through 11-miles long reservation zone with amazing wild life, where birds are not afraid of humans or, you can participate 4-days trial through all the volcanoes.

Secondly, you must to visit Mauna Kea.  According to the  legend, it is the Volcano Goddess Pele home. It is sacral place for adepts of the local pagan religion. Business activity is not allowed there except for the existing observatory – one of the most famous in the world. The observatory is sitting on the very top of a silent volcano way above the clouds.  There is not a single plant around – a classic Martian landscape  - old red lava and dark blue to black sky – it is breathtaking view. By the way, it is one of the highest mountains in the world (if you count from base below the ocean surface to top, it is around 11 km, so it is taller than Everest/Jomolungma).   It is the only mountain of this caliber that has an automobile accessible road to the top.  To tell the truth it is not the best road in America – half way it is not paved and very steep, so, your vehicle must be 4-wheel drive.  Closer to the top engine doesn't have enough oxygen and you have to crawl through the clouds with very limited visibility.  On your way back you should take care not to burn your brake pads.  But in spite of all this challenges the trip worth it and you will have unforgettable impression for your entire life.

Next on the list is South Point, the southernmost point in America. A long time ago, part of the island fell into the ocean, so, you can enjoy the view of a big precipice with local kids jumping into the ocean. Just 1.5 miles walking is the Green Sand Beach.  Then after 30 minutes of driving you can reach Black Sand Beach, there you can sometimes see sea turtles coming for a rest.  I am recommending you to visit cities Hilo and Kona, attend local farmer's markets, walk along the embankments, drop into local stores and restaurants, take additional helicopter and submarine tours.  You can also just drive around the island using Rt.11 and enjoy waterfalls, ocean views, alpine Meadows, wild goats herds and even donkeys on the road.

Travel HawaiiRussians, finally, broke the “iron curtain” and now with double energy are exploring the world. Turkey, Egypt and even Europe are already becoming boring and more and more Russians are eager to visit exotic places and one of them is Hawaii.

In America “Bed and Breakfast” are becoming more and more popular, offering more comfort and privacy for less cost. The package or bundle service offers rent of rooms/house, cars and tours in one package with discounts. It is exactly what we are suggesting you. You are not obligated to the use complete package, just keep in mind that it is cheaper and less stressful for you.

I am representing the network of independent Bed and Breakfast owners and managers and English/Russian speaking private guides.

Many tourist make a common mistake – they visit the Big Island for just one day, exactly the same what they do visiting other, much smaller islands. You need at least 3-4 days to see the main points of interest, even if you are not planning to spend sometime at the beaches (though it would be another mistake).

I am suggesting for you a custom English/Russian tour around the Big Island together with the option of renting a room(s) or house (up to 4 bedrooms with maximum capacity up to 16 people) and car rental.

All tours are altered per your choice and upon your taste, mood and budget. The house is sitting in a very secluded jungle on the  slope of a volcano and surrounded by three hunting zones, so, hunting is also available. I am shooting boars just from my porch. Next to the house begins a hiking trial to a volcano (4-5 hours). The house is on a three acres of private botanical garden with exotic Hawaiian fruit trees.

You are welcome to use high speed Wi-Fi Internet, HDTV, internet TV.

Per your request I would be happy to refer you my partners in other cities and islands.

Bedroom rent HawaiiPlease, don't hesitate to ask any questions. To get a quotation, please, submit such data including the number of nights, date-in/date-out, amount of adults(bedrooms), amount of kids/guests, tours and cars you would be interested in.

Keep in mind our numerous discounts (when you stay 7 nights or more, when you buy a bundle, when you rent entire house, etc.).

What are you waiting for? – we promise, you will not regret your adventure.