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Private guide in Las Vegas, guided tours in Las Vegas, United States

Private guides in Las Vegas

Las Vegas
United States

Population: 552,539
Language: English
Currency: US dollar (USD)

Information about Las Vegas


It's fair to say that there's no other place like Las Vegas in the world, and since its foundation over a century ago the city was aimed at living up this status. Considered by many as the Gambling Capital of the World, Las Vegas is primarily known for its numerous casinos, which make the city one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet.

It attracts both domestic and international tourists all year round and what it lacks in natural attractiveness it makes up in the abundance of recreational activities to be found in the city. However, to state that Las Vegas should only be visited for fun nights at the casino is a big mistake.

Located in the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is surrounded by very scenic arid landscapes, which are certainly worth visiting. The city itself boasts a very rich cultural value and offers all sorts of activities a person can wish for, not just gambling or partying. Because of the city's popularity, Las Vegas is always visited by artists of all kinds, so you can enjoy a rock concert, classic music performance, ballet, magic act, cabaret or exposition on virtually every night. And of course, the local tolerance for different kinds of adult entertainment has long earned Las Vegas the nickname Sin City.

But regardless of what type of tourist you considered yourself to be, Las Vegas should certainly be a part of your trip simply because there's no second city like it on the planet!


Private Guide in Las Vegas

Private Guide in Las Vegas - Richard

(Member Since 2023) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Las Vegas Languages: English

I am a travel writer, retired history teacher, and named Best Local Guide by the Las Vegas Visitor Guide 2023. After 12 years in the US Army I obtained my teaching certificate in History and Social Studies...

Private Guide in Las Vegas

Private Guide in Las Vegas - Viktoriya

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As a tour operator company Nevada Russian Tours Corp., I provide services for tourists, who are interested in visiting exotic Las Vegas (Nevada) better know as Sin City, is a gamblers Mecca and home to many unique and mostly adult attractions.