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Da Nang

Language: Vietnamese
Currency: Dong

Information about Da Nang

Please take Da Nang into mind when deciding on vacation plans.  Da Nang is a city that is situated on the south central coast of Vietnam and has a tropical monsoon climate.  Typhoon and wet season is September through March and the dry season is April through August. There are many sites to visit in this city that are remarkable and amazing.  The museum of Cham Sculpture has relics, statues, and sculptures from the fourth-14th centuries.   

Before the creation of this museum, the spot was referred to as the "garden of sculptures."   A number of Cham sculptures that had been gathered in Da Nang, Quảng Nam, among other locations were transported to the museum.   The museum of Cham Sculpture was enlarged twice over the years.  It contains the most expansive collection of Cham sculpture in the entire world.  The Marble Mountains contain rocky, limestone pieces protruding out and there are entrances and tunnels in the mountain. 

Visitors can to climb to the top of one of the peaks.  From the mountain peaks guests have views of Non Nuoc Beach and South China Sea.  Non Nuoc Beach and My Khe Beach offer surfing, entertainment, and luxury resorts that tourists enjoy time and time again.  Ba Na Hills is a mountain resort that has operational cable cars.  Da Nang provides excellence in cuisine, boasting savory, robust foods including mouth-watering seafood.  Considering the diversity of activities provided by this stunning city, we ask that you consider visiting Da Nang on your next trek.