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Customer's Opinions about guide from Tangerang, Indonesia

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, Spain, San Sebastian, 2012-01-30

Hello Aris,
Thank you for guiding our visit to Indonesia, climbing volcanoes. Very great and recommended trip.

1 5 5
, Rusia, Moscow, 2011-05-10

Provided an excellent service to all of us, taking care of our accomodation, porters, climbing and certainly telling us a lot of task about java, indonesia, people and its culture, everything was really at high level.

1 4 5
, Singapore, Singapore, 2010-08-05

We explored East Java in 8 days with Aris from July 24 to 31, 2010. We liked the idea of arranging our own itinerary and Aris helped to make our program an interesting one which suited our budget and one that stayed away from the typical tourist traps.

As a guide, Aris is experienced and is always cheerful. He is also accommodating and ever-so helpful. His favourite phrase - "Why not? Very possible." - had us smiling from Day 1.

It was an unforgettable and truly enjoyable trip...~

Thanks for the memories Aris!

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, England, Bristol, 2009-11-02

Aris was a great guide and a good companion during our trip to Indonesia. Everything was well organised and ran smoothly which is a testimont to is abilities considering all the transport and additional help is locally sourced in each community we stayed with. He's very knowledgeable of the local area and very attentive and flexible to our needs, able to modify the itenarery at short notice as required. He's also an excellent cook and provides more than ample food and snacks on his trips with a flask of tea always at hand. Overall, I would highly recommend Aris to anyone considering visiting Indonesia and he offers much better value for money than any of the larger tour operators. You can also rest assured that with him, the money is invested in the local communities, helping them prosper in turn. Many Thanks Aris for a great trip.

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, USA, Seatle, 2009-06-30

Hi Aris,

I wanted to thank you for the great trip that you planned for us. It was a lot of fun, and both my parents and me really enjoyed it.

We are now all back to work, and it's really hard to get back to reality!

1 5 5
, Germany, Hohberg, 2009-05-09

Just wanted to say hello and again thank you for all your work and help. I really enjoyed exploring your beautiful country and see such amazing nature. And of course it was a great experience for me to have you as a guide. You are a very nice guy and you organized everything perfectly. Thank you very much :-)

1 5 5
, China, Beijing, 2009-02-02

I got in touch with Aris through this website and was very happy with the speed of his response. I had a very specific itinerary of East Java volcanoes in mind with very little time and although it involved a very tight schedule, Aris made it work for us. We were not dragged to places we didn't want to see but were taken to absolutely every place we did want to see. In short, we were in control of our tour and are happy and grateful for having Aris organize it. Thank you Aris!

1 5 5
, England, London, 2008-12-06

Aris was fantastic; from meeting us to saying farewell. Attentive to our needs and flexible when it counted, he ensured that we got the most from our volcano trekking and that of the Indonesian culture. With little trouble speaking English or understanding westerners, Aris is a friendly and jolly individual who often had us laughing about even the most mundane of subjects. His knowledge of the region and use of local guides and resources means that as an independent guide he cuts out the middle man and ensures the money stays in the local economy. Both my wife and I very much enjoyed our time in Indonesia and it was due in a large part to Aris.

1 5 5
, Spain, Barcelona, 2008-10-20

This summer we visited Indonesia with Aris as a guide. It was great!!! Aris was an excellent and safe guide in volcano trekking (he provide all the items to have a good trip, and, in addition, he is an excellent cooker!).Moreover, he arrange other topics related to the trip such as flights, accommodation, orangutan tour and diving.

We recommend Aris as a guide to visit Indonesia to the people interested on exciting and safe trekking volcano.

1 5 5
, Congleton, United Kingdom, 2008-10-07

We climbed Mount Semeru in June 2008 with our two-year old daughter and hired Aris as our guide. We were pleased with the way Aris arranged our trip. He was a professional, friendly and organized guide, and was quite flexible enough to adapt to the needs of our toddler. We highly recommend a trek with Aris and would have no qualms about doing another trip with him. Cheers

1 5 5
, United Stated, Boston, 2008-09-15

When we were planning to hike Mt. Semeru, information about the trip was pretty scarce. Every travel agency we emailed to either offered ridiculous prices or not even bothered to reply. But then we came across Aris, who worked with us to tailor an itinerary and reply to all of our concerns. After getting to East Java, we were promptly picked up by our guide the next day, and we were on our way. Not only the organization of the tour was superb, from the driver to the porters, and of course the guides themselves, but we felt like we were really among the Indonesians, and not like tourists peeking from the bus window. Cooking up some Western food for us was a nice touch, and allowing us to go slowly during the trek was much appreciated. Overall, superb experience, very professional and friendly, and highly recommended