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Czech Republic Prague
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Martina - Private Guide in Prague
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Customer's Opinions about guide from Prague, Czech Republic

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, Netherlands, Amsterdam, 2011-02-11

Hi martina,

What a great tour we had last week and what a great guide you are! it was fantastic!! Thanks a lot and till next time!

Astrid from Twofish

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, Belgium, Leuven, 2009-06-01

Martina! Your the best guide! Your enthusiasm and love for everything what you tell about - made everything wonderful!
Prague is beautiful in itself! Thank you Martina for your excellent work!

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, Montenegro, Podgorica, 2008-07-14

Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe, and it's not just words! Amazing city, unusual beauties of palaces, of homes. And zoo in Prague is fantastic! Martina thank you for what you did for us during this trip! Wish you unforgettable impressions and good tourists!

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, Singapore, Singapore, 2008-06-20

Hi Martina, just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for being such a wonderful tour guide. Seriously, I find the experience with you so vastly different from other tour guides I had in prior trips elsewhere. I have to nail it down to your energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of Prague. The run-of-the-mill tour guides could never match your uncanny ability to get me interested in the history, culture and most importantly, the tale and stories about Prague. I think I feel a certain attachment to Prague, thanks to you. Keep up your energy.