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Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
Travel Agency in Ulaanbaatar
Mr. Gomez - Travel Agency in Ulaanbaatar
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Customer's Opinions about guide from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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, England, London, 2009-11-03

Date: 08.06.2009
By far the best Mr. Gomez Guesthouse we've visited in Ulaanbaatour. Very friendly people, we had a feeling of being well losted after the tour to Chinggis Tourist Traditional & Exclusive Gers Camp-Terelj National Park-Manzshir Temple-Mr. Gomez Hostel was excelent too!.
David & Alex (UK)

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, France and Poland, Paris & Varsovia, 2009-07-04

Date: June, 2009
It's the best place in Ulaan Baatar!. We tried two other guesthouses, but the owners were not so friendly. Once we found Mr. Gomez Hostel, we didn't want to go to another place. It's so quiet and we really felt at home. Your guide has got such a huge smile. Thank you very much. Hope we'll come back one day.
Hervé (France) and Goska (Poland).
Cycling for sustainability.

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, U.S.A, , 2009-01-17

Date: June 17,2009
- I must say I have never been in a more peaceful place in especially where the moon and mentality of the people match their serene surrandings.
- I express my greatest gratitude to Samar Magic Tours , to "Chinggis"Tourist & Traditional & Exclusive Ges Camp and all of the people that made this a relaxing and most enjoyable stay. The Spirit feels free in Mongolia... it was MAGIC.
P.S. the food was GREAT!.
Thank you!.
Ms. Carigo Anabela Lisa and Mr. Glazer Kevin Andre (U.S.A)