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Moldova Chisinau
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Natalia - Private Guide in Chisinau
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Customer's Opinions about guide from Chisinau, Moldova

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, United States, Philadelphia, 2015-03-03

I have no idea how this tour guide has positive reviews. My tour consisted of visiting four monasteries around Chisinau in a dirty car smelling of BO - and eventually cigarette smoke. Natalie made little conversation the whole ride and I felt like I learned very little. She was very responsive in booking the tour and was willing to take pictures of me in front of the places we went. Luckily I have wikipedia to read about what we actually saw! She was unaware of whether the monasteries were open or closed for the day and it was an EXTREMELY expensive tour. I wouldn't recommend this tour to anyone unless you are made of money and feel like getting a few pictures at some monasteries outside chisinau.

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, Belgium, Brussels, 2014-01-02

Natalia was a very knowledgeable guide. The internet booking was easy to do. Everything went like clockwork and the price was fair. She made our first day in Chisinau a real joy.

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, England, London, 2013-11-23

For anyone who is considering coming to Moldova, if you want to learn how people live, about lifestyles, and customs, I can highly recommend Natalia. Since she is young, she really has a hand on the pulse of the Moldovan people I was so impressed by her professionalism as well as her warm personality and her ability to anticipate my needs.
Each of us who travel come with different expectations. For some it is the adventure, for others it may be because of work requirements, and for some, it is for the purpose of pure and simple pleasure. Natalia fulfils all of these needs.
Whatever your needs, be it advice, tour guide, translator, I can think of no one who is better suited than Natalia.
If you’ve not been to Moldova, please go visit. You will be hard pressed to find lovelier people anywhere in this world!
Best wishes, John

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, Belgium, Brussels, 2013-11-18

Our tour of Moldona on his itinerary was one of the best we ever took.
We would like to thank you for arranging our recent land tour of Moldova. It is a beautiful country with a lot of history and culture. We greatly appreciated our tour guide, Natalia Raiscaia and our driver, Popescu Ion, interesting sharing of the culture and sights of the areas. We were amazed and entranced with everything they shared with us and everything we saw. We would love to return and see more of the country. We will highly recommend your company to our fellow travelers. Thanks you again for arranging and customizing this trip for us.
In terms of our guide, he was fantastic. Very, very accommodating and knowledgeable. He knew when to get us to certain places so that we didn't miss seeing things. At the same time he certainly gave me a plenty of time to take pictures without being rushed. In fact, he was able to give me some good suggestions in terms of places, etc. All in all, I'd highly recommend you to anyone else wanting a guide in Moldona.

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, England, London, 2013-09-09

I booked a Chisinau city tour of with Natalia. While she was very reponsive when booking the tour her tour was one of the worst tours I have ever had. she was supposed to take me around Chisinau and give me a historical perspective of the city over a two hour period but the tour was not more than an hour and she basically walked me down the main street and pointed out 2 or 3 sites. And the cost of the tour was €30 which is a really hefty sum for eastern europe. Would definitely not recommend this guide to anyone in the future. I took another guide the next day to Tranistrea who was excellent and really did her best to give me a proper guide around the area.