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Turkey Kusadasi
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Elif EREN - Travel Agency in Kusadasi
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Customer's Opinions about guide from Kusadasi, Turkey

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, U.S.A., Virginia, 2010-06-15

Hi.... we would like to add our special thanks to Elif by typing some nice comments here. We did really enjoy the tour and enjoyed the quality service you have provide us. Thank you on more time ! I do recommend this agency to everybody they are really good ...

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, U.S.A, Virginia, 2010-03-14

This trip was our second time to Turkey. My wife and I had wonderful time visiting both Istanbul and Kusadasi once more. Thank you for your nice care about our extra requests. Specially all the tips you have given to us before the trip were very accurate and suitable. Thanks ! :)

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, U.S.A, Seattle, 2009-11-19

Good timing and good service, we did not have any problems during our tour. Available options were very interesting. Thank for the kind treats !

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, Canada, Vancouver, 2009-11-03

Good guide, good service. But you should have informed us more about the climate, we were not really comfortable because of the intense heat. People who would like to take tour around noon time, make sure you take your sun umbrella with you!

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, Switzerland, Luzern, 2009-10-01

I travelled in Turkey with Travel Agency Elif Eren and I can say - it's a very good and reliable command! Our tour was perfectly organized, we saw everything what had been planned, Holy House of Virgin Mary is wonderful! So many interesting things we learned while we were there! Near the wall of desires we thought our wishes of course:) I liked a street inlaid with mosaic:)
Thanks a lot for an excellent rest.

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, U.S.A., New York, 2009-07-27

The company is very well prepared for any possible needs. Specially the tour guide was very helpful, eventhough we have changed our tour plan they did not charged us extra. Thanks, I highly recommend this agency.

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, USA, Washington DC, 2009-07-23

Remarkable ambience! The Ephesus and House of Mary were stunning places to visit. We will definetly come back for "Miletus and Sirince Village" next year. About the travel agency, I think they did very good job. Everything gone well just as we have informed before the tour. Thanks for eveything Elif. Your friend Mona MADALENE Washington DC

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, St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, 2009-07-08

Friendly and experienced people ! Thanks for your nice approach, we had great time visiting both ephesus & cultural village. Specially the pita's we have eaten they were great !!! Thank you Shima Travel.

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, USA, NewYork, 2009-07-06

Well, I think I should thanks for Shima Travel for their kindness. Our tour guide and the driver were really helpful about my mom at all times during our trip to Ephesus & House of Mary. It was really important for my mom to see the House of Mary even though she can not walk. It's very good travel agency, thanks again for your kindness. Abigail BUCHANAN

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, U.S.A, Huffman TEXAS TX, 2009-07-03

I guess we had seen the best archeological sites during the tour since our cruise stays only for 10 hours at the city. Personally, I suggest you to take Ephesus & Ephesus Museum together. We had a custom tailored tour about visiting almost every location, but seemed later on that such locations like "St.John" wasn't a must see place. The agency reps were very well prepared for any possible needs. Good service, Thanks

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, USA, Miami, 2009-06-05

I never thought of Turkey to be this exciting. Thank you for your accurate recommendations about locations to visit. We have tried some exceptional endemic food, specially the kebap was delicious. Furthermore, we have asked for a second tour guide to seperate the group but I guess we should have e-mailed you before ! Thank you again for the great experience. Christian LAMSON

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, USA, Seattle, 2009-06-02

The tour was terrific and we were satisfied with the operating agency. The company booked us a big nice VAN and we were only 2 people but they did not charge us anything extra, I guess thats whats good about it. The tour guide spoke fluent english and he was very friendly. We believe we had good time. Thank you

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, USA, Dallas, 2009-05-26

Our group member were really satisfied with the service. I think we had great time visit the "Ephesus & House of Virgin Mary". On the other hand, our tour guide was very kind enough to upgrade additional options to our reserved tour upon our request. I do suggest this good quality guide & agency (Shima Travel). Thank you once again Miss Elif it was nice meeting you. Jacop Edwards / Dallas USA

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, USA, Seattle, 2009-05-25

Company group were very pleased for Shima Travel kind treat about the traditional lunch we had today. Specially my nephew ALICE will never forget about her Coffee Fortune telling experience ! Lets hope that she will find a good huband just as the fortune teller said ! Hahaha.. Thanks for eveything :)

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, USA, Seattle, 2009-05-22

Our group were very satisfied with the service and the tour. I think we should have spent more time at Ephesus but our group member were very old to walk fast. Anyway, I think we all had great time during our trip to Turkey. Thanks again and I do recommend this agency and the guide Elif. Dennis WOOD / Seattle USA

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, USA, Virginia, 2009-05-17

My wife and I were really satisfied with the quality service. I think we should have more time to visit Ephesus next time. We felt sorry that we have missed the concert at Ephesus at night ! Friendly advise to you all THE WEATHER IS EXTREMELY HOT !!! make sure you bring your Sun Umbrella with you ! Peter Rossi West Virginia USA

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, U.S.A, Texas, 2009-05-09

Me and my parents loved TURKEY. The tour we reserved was very interesting, but it was just too hot ! Friendly advise to everybody, make sure you have a sun umbrella ! We did not have but our tour guide brought for us. Thank you Elif for your kind thoughful.

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, USA, Newyork, 2009-03-13

AAA service! Very friendly people, we really enjoyed the tour specially the shopping was much fun at the village. I suggest everybody try the "Fruite Vines", you can even buy them too. There were several other tour options that we purchased during our tour which we found very exciting as well, I leave those for you to find out. Johnson Jr. Parker Newyork USA

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, Canada, Vancouver, 2009-03-09

Thank you so much Elif for your fine arrangement. My husband and I had great time during our visit to Kusadasi. Specially thanks a lot for advance tips that you have told us about the sirince village. Hope to see you next year ...bye

1 5 5
, Canada, TORONTO, 2009-01-17

I should personally thank you for the fruite vines that you have sent me last week. Actually I was really surprised ! In return I am sending our Canadian ICE VINE which is really tasty just as Turkish fruite vines. You have been so kind during the tour, thank you so much. I highly recommend this guide to everyone.

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, Russia, Nalchik, 2008-07-15

Ephesus is really the most wonderful city on our planet! Holy House of Virgin Mary is a very beautiful place. Majestic and mighty. THere is the special energy there! Thanks to Travel Agency Elif Eren for a wonderful trip. During our excursions we heard a lot of legends and myths, historical facts. Everything was very interesting, well organized and of good quality.