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Customer's Opinions about guide from Brussels, Belgium

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, United States, Silver Spring, 2017-12-07

My group of 16 truly enjoyed our tour in Brussels with Joyce. She was such a jolly guide and goes beyond what duty calls. One of my members left her wallet in one of our stops to eat, Joyce called the place and restaurant confirmed that they had the wallet. Because it was too late for us to go back to that place, Joyce promised us she will get it for us and will meet us on our way back. Joyce traveled an hour to get that wallet and true to her words, she was there waiting for us at the airport on our way back to the US with the wallet and everything on it in tact. We thank Joyce for her help and also praise God for the honesty of that Restaurant place.

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, Hawaii, Hawaii, 2011-05-19

Hi Joyce...
Sorry it has taken us so long to respond. We just arrived at our summer home in Michigan on Friday after a delightful four weeks in Europe. We want to thank you very much for arranging both the Brussels city tour and the battlefields tour for us. We were very pleased with both Sarah and Johan. They both fulfilled all aspects of the contract.
They were both knowledgeable and professional and a delight to be with. We especially enjoyed being with Johan for the day and felt he was exceptional. We will certainly be pleased to recommend Qualiguides to others and feel free to use us a reference.

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, USA, Sykesville, 2011-05-09

Hello Joyce, We absolutely loved Sarah! Our tour was lively, fun and of course, very informative. However, as it was called a gourmet food tour, we did think that we would be trying more and different kinds of foods. The tastes that we did have were very good (beer being the big hit) we were sorry to miss moules, didn't realize that the season had just ended. Perhaps an interesting lunch option could be incorporated. It's always interesting to try an "off the beaten path" kind of place. In any event, we all had a wonderful time and would recommend QualiGuides to others.
Thanks so much, Nini

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, USA, Chicago, 2011-02-11

Dear Joyce, I just received your email a few minutes ago......., and I must say that it is one of the nicest returns I have ever received from anyone! I know that you have a great Tour Guide Business...., because if the rest of the
people who work there are anywhere nearly as nice as you've been to me........, it has to be a tremendous success!
I thank you most sincerely for your input regarding my requests, and I am so glad that we were able to communicate
on a friendly level! You are to be commended! I am looking forward to ANTWERP with great expectations and I know that what I see, hear and do will all add up to an unforgettable adventure for me! Again, Best Wishes for continued
success and better health in this year and all those to come!!!!!!!

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, England, London, 2010-12-13

Hi Joyce We had a very good journey home, thanks. And we loved Brussels. We will certainly come back because we didn't get a chance even to scrape the surface - there is so much to see. Thank you very much for our tour. We very much enjoyed your company and found your tour very interesting. Just what we wanted!

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, USA, new york, 2010-11-15

This was a great way to spend a day seeing the countryside south of Brussels. We visited the Chimay monastery, where their annual cheese festival was taking place. We were also the only people visiting the Aulne Abbey ruins, which were hauntingly beautiful. Plus we got to sample some great beers that you can't find elsewhere. Joyce was a great guide who not only knew the specifics of the places we visited, but she also gave us a lot of background on the region.

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, Belgium, Brussels, 2010-11-05

Dear Joyce,
I would like to thank you and your team for a well organized Brussels tour, George in particular for taking such good care of us. The ladies had a wonderful time, lots of fun and appreciated the guided tour very much. George did a great job driving us through the city and in the meantime giving us lots of historical information. Upon the ladies’ request, George managed to include a special “chocolate tasting experience” which was great and very much appreciated. Thanks again and have a nice weekend.With kind regards,
Helena de Prins

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, USA, Syracuse, 2010-11-02

Hi Joyce,
Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip.
Your knowledge of the places that we went was outstanding.We had a great time.

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, Moldova, Soroca, 2009-10-06

I can't believe, that Brussels arose up on a bog, now it is splendour and there is the most beautiful square in the world - Grand Place. It is impossible not to feel here all of beauty of art and harmony of architecture. Thank our guide Joyce for the information about this perfect city! our tour is unforgettable because of you!

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, Croatia, Zagreb, 2009-08-21

Ghent, Brugges...I don't have words... These cities are so nice! Each of them has its own peculiarities.
Brugges - comfortable and charming, beautiful, a real city - museum, a true medieval city, safe and sound.
Ghent is less known than Brugges, but it is unique in its own way. In the center buildings and streets are of times of the economic boom of Flanders. Also Ghent is the Flower Capital of Belgium :)
The tour is perfest and we liked very much to travel with Joyce who shoed us Belgian Beauties.

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, Bulgaria, Sofia, 2009-08-09

Wallonia strikes with its beautiful age-old castles, traditional gardens, historical abbeys. Excellent gardens and the park in the English style surround Kasteel Hex. Amazing decorative plaster and tapestries of the 17th century, stupendous French faience and cut-glass ware of the 19th century of Chateau de Modave ravish! It is necessary to see all these with your own eyes, to understand - how perfect they are! Thank you Joyce for the excursion!

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, Switzerland, Biel, 2009-07-10

Brussels...dream-city. Great and mighty and at the same time fragile and peaceful Grand Place, the Town Hall, reproducing history of the city with its the sculptures, St. Michael's Cathedral, the Royal palace, the Atomium, the Triumphal Arch - all of it and not only, so different, are integral part of Brussels, of Belgium. Due to Joyce I was able to see all these beautiful sights with my own eyes.

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, Sweden, Lund, 2009-06-11

Magnificent, interesting, astonishing tour. Thank you Joyce! all was very interesting. Magnificent organization.
Alkmaar was very interesting for me, because I did love cheese. At 10 o'clock in the morning bells announced about the beginning of trade. This spectacle was decorated by the porters of cheese, dressed in a white form. All so interesting! and delicious!:)

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, Portugal, Aveiro, 2009-05-12

I liked Ghent very much! Joyce organized an excursion so, that we were able to visit a lot of places in a short term. We were in many places - the Saint Bavo Cathedral, the Ghent Altarpiece, the old Graslei harbour, the Grand Place but most of all I liked the Gravensteen castle. It is severe, unapproachable, imposing. Grey walls grow threateningly from the water. Reliable building! Near the wall to the left of the entrance is a steel spider web with the diameter of 4 meter - also very impressive.
I will remember Ghent always. Once again thank you Joyce for the well done work.

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, USA, Frederik, 2009-05-09

Dear Joyce,
Thank you so much for the tour of the castles. We had such a great time and I agree we were very VERY lucky with the weather. We just arrived back in the states yesterday. Our trip to Bruges and Paris were great.
We absolutely loved the tour and will definitly post on Tripadvisor.

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, Norway, Trondheim, 2009-04-13

Very well organized excursion. Joyce - you are a specialist in this field! Thank you very much for the fascinating program in style of Art Nouveau! It was very interesting. You told us the information so well and interesting and exciting about every sight which we must pay attention on! Thank you Joyce!

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, Romania, Oradea, 2009-03-14

Oh, Antwerp...thank you Joyce that you gave us an opportunity to see this beautiful Belgian city. I liked most of all Sint Jacobskerk - very interesting facade, hidden among flowerings trees, the church in the inside looks like a museum: fanciful gravestones of prominent townspeople give the church specific atmosphere.
Also Vleeshuis - from afar it looks like the good fleshy piece of ham, and nearby it seems that you are in old times.
Also we saw and visited a lot of interesting places. A tour was well organized and guide (thank you very much) was very attentive and presented the information very interestingly.

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, USA, Richardson, 2009-03-09

I wanted to drop you a note to say that we greatly enjoyed meeting our guide Johan, a member of your team.
His knowledge of Belgium history both current and past was very valuable. My travel
companions and I were more than please with the amount of effort Johan put into planning and executing our tour of the WWI sites and beer
destinations. Everything exceeded our expectations and we even learned a few jokes ....I would not hesitate to recommend him and your service to any others looking for
a more custom and intimate way to explore the country. Thanks again.
John A Martin

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, Poland, Bialystok, 2009-02-13

Our excursion in The Royal Greenhouses in Laeken was wonderful! so many trees, beautiful flowers, wonderful birds, grassy vistas! Everything is so NICe! Thank you Joyce! We were at a fairy-tale! This Greenhouse is like a different world! And I think that everyone should visit it!

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, Czech Republic, Ostrava, 2009-01-14

The Ardens always attracted me with its valleys and dense forests. For this reason I decided to use the services of guide - Joyce, when I was in Belgium. I liked it so much! Joyce organized everything perfectly - all was very interesting, entertaining. We were in the place of the famous Battle of the Bulge. Also we visited Bastogne Museum - very interesting collections. Excursion was very good one. Especially our guide - clever, intellectual.

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, Denmark, Copenhagen, 2008-08-04

Ghent is beautiful! Everything in Ghent is beautiful! But the Gravensteen... I don't know why but I did like it! The Gravensteen castle - the one from the Belgian castles which managed to go through the centuries practically extant. From the main tower we can see a wonderful view of the city and its environs. Splendid view.

Joyce - thank you that you do your job so well and make us - your tourist - glad and happy.

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, USA, Houston, 2008-07-19

Amazing organization! Thank you Joyce! We are so glad that we met you. Our trip in Belgium with 2 our children is magnificent! The children were pleased with everything and we had time to see and to know! You are a fine person! You work well and give joy to the adults and to the children!

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, Italy, Milan, 2008-07-11

Joyce! thank you! you acquainted me with the wonderful Belgian city - Brussels. I went to Belgium with pleasure, you showed me what to look, what to surprise, where to go sgopping! A feeling of a fairy-tale is so fresh in my memory and it's so desirable again to walk in the streets with old stones, looking at the bright windows with plenty of all sorts of things :)