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Hiking tour in Hvar. Croatia. Europe

Hiking tour

Participate in our Hiking Tour to Hvar. Discover historical and archeological sites, un-exploited areas, important parks and admire wildlife species. Relax by the magical sounds of rippling streams, rustling leaves and hummingbirds.

Hiking tour in Hvar

Hvar Hiking Tours

Guide: Sinisa Matkovich
Type: Hiking tour in Hvar
Price: Euro
Duration: flexible
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Gail:  Hello, I am staying on Hvar (Amfora) from May 10 to 14th and would like to do day tours on the 11,12 and 13th -- hiking, visiting wineries, sailing . . . Please let me know if you have any tours available. I am traveling alone but would like to join others on tour. Thank you. Gail
Chad:  My wife and I are staying at the Riva in Hvar until 7/20 and would like a tour of the island. Please let me know if you have availability tomorrow 7/19 or 7/20 (in the morning, have an afternoon ferry to catch back to Split).