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Come and join us on a wonderful Private Tour of Vilnius. Let our expert guides help you discover the charm and the majestic beauty of this magical city. We will share its unique history as well as the most wonderful scenery and superb culinary traditions.

Private Guides in Vilnius

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Jordan:  Hi Guide My wife and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary in Aug and we were thinking of a privately guided tour of the area. We could either concentrate on Lithuania or see more of the Baltics. We are open to suggestions. We could spend from 7-10 nights there. We would be travelling from the USA. Our major interest is in the culture and getting to meet local people. We love seeing small villages better than we like big cities but certainly don't mind a city. We like seeing the places that tourists don't usually go to. I am Jewish and would like to see some of the places of Jewish interest but this doesn't need to be the focus of the tour. We generally prefer to stay several nights in one place as opposed to moving around every night but we have done that before when necessary. We generally like staying in smaller hotels with some local character or even guest houses if they exist there and are practical. We do need private bathrooms and if it is hot at night we would need air conditioning. We would want to do something very special on the night of our anniversary. I know this is not much information but is this the type of trip you can do? If so, can you give me a general idea of prices? Is August a reasonable time to travel to the area? Thank you for your help. Sincerely
Neli:  I live in the Netherlands and over 6 days I am getting married in Amsterdam and my Dutch family and friends are coming to Belarus (where I was born) to celebrate our wedding. We will fly from Amsterdam to Vilnius on 2nd of June 2011 and will spend the night there. We would like to offer our guests the tour in Old City so the people could get some history and information about Vilnius and Lithuania. Could you please make a tour for us? We are the group of 47 people and the largest part of us are staying in Ramada hotel and the rest will be staying not far away. We are landing 2nd of June 2011 at 16.10 in Vilnius and therefore we would prefer to have a tour at 18.30 starting from Ramada hotel and lasting for 1 hour (maximum 1,5 hour). Would it be possible for you and what will be the price? Awating your reply, Neli
rachel:  We are 2 couples arriving VILNIUS on June 26th by noon and stay till the 28th. We would like to visit our father's home town of Wasilichiski which is in north BELARUS ,about 100 km south of Vilnius and would like you to accompany us for those 2 days from the moment we arrive till we leave. Would it be possible for you to serve as our guide ? What is the cost of your services? We will be thankful if you recommend us a central hotel , at least four stars , for our staying in Vilnius . And a last request : what is your price for transferring us : 1. To Riga 2. To Tallinn via Riga Looking forward to hearing from you.
Judith:  Hello, I am interested in visiting Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. I don\'t know much about them, but I would like to explore the possibility of your firm as a guide. I would like to go on a private trip. This is what you should know to arrange a trip to my liking: I would like to stay in charming, not big international, hotels; I love nature, the sea, the Curion spit; I\'m not at all interested in the Hill of Crosses. I would like to buy some amber, too. I like ethnic dance shows. How much would a trip like the one I envision cost? Oh, I\'d like it for about 15 days. Anytime after July 7 would be a good time for me.