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Sightseeing Nature tour in Jogja. Indonesia. Asia

Sightseeing Nature tour

Join our Sightseeing Nature Tour to Jogja. Let our expert guides help you discover picturesque landscapes and mythical remote trails. Be swept away by nature’s splendor. Relish these peaceful moments for an experience of a life time.

Sightseeing Nature tour in Jogja

Honeymoon Package Tour

Guide: Purwaka
Type: Sightseeing Nature tour in Jogja
Price: USD 1.065
Duration: 4Days 3 Nights
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Private Guides in Jogja

All these tourists had unforgettable travel experience because of our guides from Jogja.
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werner:  Hi there are 4 of us and we plan to stay in Java from 23 Sept. to 27 Sept. 2008. can you arrange for a trip to Borobudur, Prembanan and evening ballet, Panataran, Malang, Mt Bromo and then on to Banyuwangi or Kalibaru for the ferry to Bali? if so please give us a quote. 9/23 arrive Jogja, see Jogja overnight at Manohara Hotel 9/24 Borobudur (sunrise) and surrounding area sites overnight in Jogja 9/25 Prembanan and ballet 9/26 start toward Blitar and Malang (if that makes sense?) see Panataran and see sites around Malang 9/27 Mt Bromo (maybe for sunrise maybe not - depends on how early we have to get up)and ferry to Bali (late afternoon if possible) so please send us an estimate. thanks very much, werner