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Wine tasting tour in Lisbon. Portugal. Europe

Wine tasting tour

If you are feeling the desire to experience the richness of Lisbon traditions in wine making, we can fulfill your wish. Our experience in organizing similar tours can help you immerse in the beauty of Lisbon and savor good wine.

Wine tasting tour in Lisbon

Wines and Gastronomy in Portugal

Guide: Carla Carita
Type: Wine tasting tour in Lisbon
Price: 800 Euros/person (cost reduces as number of pax increase)
Duration: 6 days
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Customer's Opinions
All these tourists had unforgettable travel experience because of our guides from Lisbon.
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Elena:  Hello! I d like to have a wine testing tour in Portugal somewhere in the middle of July (probably from 15 till 20.07.09). Does this timing suit U? I liked the programe of the tour I ve found on this site, but I have something to ask. 1. Is it possible to reduce the number of people in the group? I understand the maximum number is 8, but its still "a lot" for me:) Can U organize such tour for me and my friend only. I understand, that the price will grow in this case. Please, write me how much it will cost for 2 of us (as a separate group). Looking forward for Your reply.