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Sintra Portugal : Tours and Excursion

An excursion in Sintra is an ideal vacation destination.   Sintra is a town and a municipality in Lisbon Region of Portugal.  A guide in Portugal is a great way to sightsee this city. Sintra is famous for its numerous 19th-century Romantic architectural monuments and has evolved into a key location for tourists.  

Sintra is positioned on top of the Sintra Mountains and there is visible granite formation of rock that extends to the Atlantic Ocean.   The Sintra Mountains are absolutely stunning and visitors relish the scenic beauty the mountains provide.  Furthermore, there are castles, estates and other interesting sites that include Castle of the Moors, Pena National Palace and Sintra National Palace. A private guide in Sintra will ensure that travelers do not miss out on these important landmarks.  The Castle of the Moors sits prominently on the hilltops of Sintra.  

The Mediterranean climate in Sintra is typical of continental Portugal and the municipality has a number of well-maintained buildings.   Some of the fabulous attractions in Sintra are Castle of the Moors, Pena National Palace, Sintra National Palace, and Sintra Mountains, to name solely a few.  A guide in Sintra can provide information about these sites on tours in Sintra.     

Sintra: Private tours and Excursions.