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All categories of tours with private guide in Riga. Latvia. Europe

All categories of tours with private guide


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Private tour in Riga

Individual Transfers

Guide: Bona Baltic Tour
Type: Private tour in Riga
Price: from 10.00 EUR
Duration: 1 h
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Walking tour in Riga

Walking Tour in Old Riga

Guide: Ilze Karlsone
Type: Walking tour in Riga
Price: from EUR 60
Duration: 2 h
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Culture and History tour in Riga

Mezaparks - First Garden City in Europe

Guide: Bona Baltic Tour
Type: Culture and History tour in Riga
Price: from 15,00 EUR
Duration: 3 h
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Private tour in Riga

The First Time in Riga

Guide: Ilze Karlsone
Type: Private tour in Riga
Price: 120 EUR
Duration: 4 h
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Eddie:  Hello Jane. We are four adults who will be visiting Riga April 10th - 14th. Two of us have been there several times, but on business trips only. We now consider to get a guided tour in the Old City and may be the near surroundings during Friday 11th, Saturday 12th or Sunday 13th. We are all fluent in English, from 47 58 in physical ages, about 27 in mental age, holding senior positions but still being joyful and happy men. Having seen your advertisement, I would like to ask if you have the opportunity to guide us any of these days and what will you charge us? Will your fee depend on whether you guide all four or just one or two of us? Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Eddie.
Gunnar:  Hi. Me and my vife are comming to Riga for 2 days in september, and are looking for a guide. and maby transport from airport. What can you suggest for us to do in Riga? We will stay from thursdy night untill saturday afternoon. We would like to go to some spa and some night clubs, and just have some nice time eat and drink. We are about 40 years old and have travelled much, but not much in city tours, we love skiing, and have been in the alps very often, we have also crossed thru all Africa, and south America by car/truck on our own. And we used to run our own little turing company in Iceland, where we are from, beforewe moved to Norway. What can you offer my?
Marius:  I am Marius I am writing to you from Vilnius, Lithuania. I am working as guide in Lithuania and go with my tourists often to Riga. Could we cooperate? Could you lead my tourists in Riga? In what languages you guide? Can you write me your prices for following guide services: airport-hotel transfer - 3 hours guiding - 7 hours guiding - every additional hour - 1 day guiding's price when you are making a 3-7 days tour with group - Next season I plan at least 3-4 trips to Riga per month. So I need good prices from you. I would be thankful for your fast reply and look forward for our cooperation. Best regards from Vilnius
John:  hello there, i am writing to you for some advice. i am coming to Riga on the 12th January 08 along wit 4 other male friends. we have heard some bad things about Riga and had even thought about not coming? we are mixed age, not trouble makers or drunks, just want to come and have a fun time! anyway we were going to wear our kilts when we come but are not sure if this will be ok or if it will get us in trouble? we were thinking about a guide for some of the time we will be in Riga so that we can go to the best places to eat and have fun during the day and at night. any advice you could give us would be appreciated!