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Panama Top 10 places to see



Jungle Land Panama

By night, go on excursions searching for bats and crocodiles. Lay your head down to sleep in a magical, floating lodge on the Panama Canal. Wake up to the sounds of exotic birds in the jungle. Fish, swim, kayak, hike or take a tour. Experience the jungle by living in it! 

Panama Canal Sightseeing Cruise 

The best way to see the Panama Canal is by water. Take a relaxing cruise as you travel through the famous Miraflores Locks and experience how the Panama Canal works. If you love history, engineering or water, this cruise is for you. Six hours of entertaining, educational, photo opportunities will be at your fingertips. 

Santa Catalina 

Ditch the rat race and take a no-frills vacation to Santa Catalina where you can relax and unwind on luxurious beaches surrounded by thick forest. The closest ATM is an hour drive and you won’t find many stores or restaurants here. But you will find world-class surfing, the best Panama has to offer. 

Bocas del Toro

Even the novice photographer can take amazing pictures here as Bocas Del Toro is famous for its scenery. Located in the middle of a coral reef system the sparkling blue water is heaven for snorkelers and scuba divers. On land enjoy the tropical forests or tour a chocolate factory. Bat caves are also an interesting thing to see here. 


Home to The Volcano Baru, Boquete, has the only volcano in Panama. It is also a national park with the same name. There are 35,000 acres of tropical rainforest and volcanic remains from millions of years ago. Boquete also boasts having the world’s sweetest oranges and the finest coffee in all of Panama. 

Miraflores Locks Visitor Center

Foodies flock to the Miraflores Locks restaurant for the chance to dine while watching boats go through the locks. The prices are affordable and you can choose from seafood to sandwiches or salads to pasta. You’ll have an outstanding view of the canal as seating is on the terrace located directly above the locks. This facility is open late too which gives diners the opportunity to watch ships go through the locks in the night. 

Monkey Island 

A trip to Panama wouldn’t be complete without seeing Monkey Island which is the home to four species of monkey; Capichin, Howler, Geoffroy’s Tamarin and Grey-bellied nocturnal monkeys. Here you can also view Sloths, Caimans, Toucans and other tropical birds. Tours are sometimes combined with fishing, Kayaking or canopy trips. 

Chiriqui Highlands

Some say Panama is for the birds and they are correct! With over 900 species of birds it’s worth it to take an amazing birding tour in the Chiriqui Highlands and let professional bird guides take you to the birds. While you are there check out the cloudforest where you can see actual clouds dipping into the forest trees. 

Panama City

If you’re looking for a little retail therapy, Panama City is the place to be. Jewels, precious stones, art, electronics, glassware, porcelain, wood, straw and embroideries are all reasonably priced. Take home a famous mola hand-made by the talented Kuna Indians or grab some souvenirs at the Metro Mall, Albrook Mall or Los Pueblos. 

Embera Village Tours

If you enjoy learning about different cultures you will appreciate a tour with the Embera tripe. Semi-nomadic indigenous people, the Embera welcome visitors and don’t mind pictures. They practice polygamy and live in family units. They are as curious about your lifestyle as you are of theirs and they don’t mind sharing. 


Article author: Carolyn Trevon

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