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Spend an unforgettable weekend in Turkey

Turkey has been the leading touristic destination for a long period of time. It is easy to reach and organize a weekend outside the country. If you wish to discover the magnificent Turkey but do not have much time, you should not delay the trip.

Walking trip in Istanbul 

Istanbul is one of the most interesting cities for sightseers. Lying on two continents, it houses historical buildings that belong to different epochs, cozy neighborhoods and countless shopping streets. The famous Grand Bazaar is a place that not only delights the eye, but also offers the possibility to find here a lot of interesting things, from spices and leather articles to antique goods.

Blue Mosque is another landmark which is very popular among tourists. This gorgeous construction combines Ottoman and Byzantine architectural styles and is considered to be the most beautiful religious monument. After the sunset, the doors of Istanbul’s restaurants open their doors and are ready to satisfy the needs of every client.

Visiting antique cities of the Aegean coast

On the Aegean coast are nestled many interesting historical places. The antique Ephesus, where archeological excavations continue even today, opened ancient heritage for tourists. Here you can see the Celsius’ library, Agora, odeum, the theatre, the basilica, St. Adrian Temple, as well as houses and streets left by ancient Greeks. Unlike Ephesus, the Miletus city is not so popular among tourists. It is known for its huge theater that belongs to the Hellenistic period, and behind it are lying the ruins of the fortress.

The nature of the Black Sea coast

The Black sea region of the Turkey is famous for its natural beauty.  It offers dense forests, high mountains and  many opportunities for those who seek adventure.  You could spend the weekend on a hike, or visit atmospheric villages, Greek ruins or even tea plantations.  It so happened, that a small number of tourist from other countries visits the Black coast of Turkey, but it is a good thing as it offers the opportunity to find something undiscovered and to diversify ordinary Turkish vacation.

Vacation in Oludeniz 

Oludeniz is a small town, situated on the south-west part of the Aegean coast. This place is known for its unique blue lagoon and remote sandy day.

The sea in Oludeniz is famous for its wonderful turquoise color and the favorite place of the photographers. The resort is designated especially for those tourists who dream to see the beauty of the lagoon from the bird’s eye view on a sailwing. 

weekend in Turkey


Article author: Helen Edwards

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