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Answers about Bulgaria


I love to learn about different cultures. Can you please advice me on Bulgarian cultural heritage and which locations are rich in traditions and history? Which is the best time of the year to discover Bulgaria?

Kind regards,
Doreen 3/8/2011
Private Guide in Sofia
Pavlina Docheva (Private Guide in Sofia) 3/9/2011:
Dear Doreen,

As my colleague Victoria has written we have a lot to offer in terms of culture, history and religion. Many tourists coming to Bulgaria do not expect much, but at the end the leave full of nice impressions from the country. Visiting Bulgaria you will learn about the Thracians, about the Roman period, the medieval times, you will visit extremely beautiful churches, Thracian tombs, the Black sea coast (depending on your itinerary) and of course you will meet the local Bulgarians and will see how we live, our customs and traditions. Besides the nature in the spring, the summer and the autumn is beautiful, but indeed the best time to travel to Bulgaria is late May early June.
Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am based in Sofia and will be happy to propose you a program that will include the most interesting and valuable sites.

Kindest Regards,
Pavlina Docheva
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Private Guide in Varna
Victoria Balezdrova (Private Guide in Varna) 3/8/2011:
Hi, Doreen,
Bulgaria is indeed a rich destination when regarding culture and heritage. If you are interested in Thracian history there is a lot to see in the Rhodope Mountains and the Rose Valley, Greek and Hellenistic Antiquity you can trace in Varna (here is also the oldest golden treasure in the world on display), Nessebar and Sozopol by the Black Sea coast, Roman history around the town of Plovdiv, Byzantine culture and Second Bulgarian Kingdom in the town of Veliko Tarnovo and many more sites. In our capital Sofia you could see a mixture of almost everything mentioned, as well as modern history.
Great time to see Bulgaria is in late spring - not too hot or cold, especially for the famous Rose Festival, which takes place in the town of Kazanlak every first weekend of June.
Whatever you choose, I hope you will be delighted with our country.
Best regards, Victoria Balezdrova
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The National Fair and Exhibition of Folk Artistic Crafts in the village of Troyan, is this everyday? If I go to Troyan are there handcrafted things to buy all year round? I will be there 3 March. Please let me know,
Thank you
sarah stosich 2/8/2011
Private Guide in Varna
Victoria Balezdrova (Private Guide in Varna) 2/10/2011:

Theoretically it is open throughout the whole year with no days off, but I doubt it is really like that during the winter season.
Anyway, here are some contact phones, so that you can chech right before you go, just to be on the safe side:

Phone: 00359 6952 2317
00359 6952 2816
Mobile: 00359 888 754 672
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I have set aside money to stay in Bulgaria and I am looking for a top of the line luxury hotel that offers all of the typical accomodations and more. I will be spending a week and a half at this location so I'd prefer it to be near the city and around a lot of tourist attractions. Any ideas?
John Shelt 1/31/2011
Private Guide in Varna
Victoria Balezdrova (Private Guide in Varna) 2/9/2011:
I would be glad to give you a suggestion, too, but first of all it is good to know whether you prefer the coastal line for a stay, the spa resorts, or the capital - Sofia. Each one has a great number of possibilities to offer, just be more particular about the location you prefer
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Valentina Stoeva (Private Guide) 2/1/2011:
Hi John,

You can find excellent 5 stars hotels in Sofia.
Please know that Plovdiv - that is about onehour and half drive from Sofia has excellent small boutique hotels.
the experts of Magic Tours would be more than happy to make the best selection of hotels according to your travel time and budget. Also we will assist you with private driver-guide upon your requirements.

If you give us the time of your visit we would be more than happy to tell you waht interesting events are taking place in Bulgaria. We wouldbe happy to help you build your unique itinerary for Sofia and Bulgaria.

Thank you.
Best regards,

Private Guide in Sofia
Pavlina Docheva (Private Guide in Sofia) 2/1/2011:
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your interest in the sightseeing of Sofia and Bulgaria. Based on the requirements that you expose, I would suggest you stay in Grand Hotel Sofia - a perfect location and extremely very professional service. You will also be in a proximity to all the main landmarks in Sofia as well as many bars and restaurants.
From Sofia you can do some one day tours: to the town of Plovdiv, to the Rila Monastery, to the village of Koprivshtitsa. You could also visit the town of Veliko Tarnovo (I would suggest with one overnight there) or even go further to the sea coast. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will gladly send you possibilities and details.


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Toni Sokolova (Private Guide) 1/31/2011:
Hi, Nice to contact with you. I suggest your stay in Sofia city , hotel Grand Sofia, or Radisson, which are luxury with best location for attractions, historical places and good communiocation to any other place.
From Sofia you can make daily excirsions to Plovdiv - on the way you wil have information about all the countyry, a lot of history , visit old town of Philip the Second- Fatherof Alexander the Great., economy.. One day to Rila Monastery.and even tour to neighbour Greece or Turkey. My Pleasure to be your tour guide or tour consultant. best regards.