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Answers about Estonia

I want to spend a lot of my time in Estonia outdoors so I am looking to find out when the best time is to enjoy the weather and the environment. What time of the year is mildest weather wise? Are there any outdoor tours or activities that you could recommend me trying during my stay?
Brandon Lowe 1/31/2011
Private Guide in Tallinn
Ahti Arak Tours (Private Guide in Tallinn) 1/31/2011:
No doubdt- warmest period in Estonia, summer- montshs June, July, August, also sometimes May and September.
We have plenty of outdoor activities- hiking, biking, swimming, boating, yachting, kayaking, horse back riding and so on.

Or if you are interetsed in winter activities- cross country ski, horse sledge,ice fishing, then right now it is good time to visit Estonia- few minus dgrees by Celsius is rather mild at least for locals.

Should you have any specific questiions, I try to answer
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Private Guide in Tallinn
Lauri Lember (Private Guide in Tallinn) 1/31/2011:
Hello and thank you for the letter! the mildest weather is in summer, from june to august. The average temperature in July, which is considered the warmest month of the year, is 16.4 C (61.5 F). I offer tours in Tallinn, the old town in particular.
The quick answer: Tallinn Old Town in July.
The long answer: The range of possible activities is wide and my recommendation would have to rely on your preferences. Are you interested in the history and museums etc, or nature or sports, maybe some music event, concert? The old town of Tallinn is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and definately worth a visit. On the other hand Estonian wilderness is a site of its on - 50% of the country's territory is covered with woods, there are huge bogs etc. So for the long answer a short question: what do would you like to experience in a tour?
Best Regards,
Lauri Lember