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Suzanne--I have a request that I hope is in your realm. I just got back from Israel and need to find a willing person to go to the market in the Old City for me to purchase more of what I should have done while I was there. So, yes, I'm asking for a shopping favor for which I am willing to pay. I bought a great shawl in the Old city--it was available in many shops--I have a photo I can send you. It came in every imaginable color combination. After bargaining, the price was $5.00. Foolishly, I did not buy more and am regretting it every day. I am desperately looking for someone to go on this little shopping adventure for me and ship the shawls to me in California. I have not gotten a response from anyone I have contacted--so I hope I have found at least someone who will answer! I would be most appreciative for this favor. I entered the market from the Jaffa Gate and saw this style shawl in many, many shops. I do believe it came in a narrower size (more like a scarf) which I am NOT interested in. I am happy to send you the photo and the dimensions--just let me know what you need and how much you would charge.
Thanks in advance,
Randy Savarese
Randy 6/8/2016
Private Guide in Jerusalem
Suzanne Pomeranz (Private Guide in Jerusalem) 6/8/2016:
Hi Randy.

Well, as you said, these "shawls" (depending on color & design, they could be either pashminas or kefiyyahs) are available all over the Old City, and if I was going to be in the Old City anytime soon, I'd be happy to have a look for you.

But I have no way for you to send me the money involved - taxi to/from the Old City (there is no bus from my neighborhood to that area), cost of purchasing (and there's no guarantee that I would find them for $5 each), cost of shipping, and my time to do this, since it would be a special trip. And I have no money to do it for you without receiving compensation first.

I really do wish I could help, but it's not as simple as it might sound. If you want to send me the photo and dimensions, I could try to ask a couple of friends who live and/or work in the Old City if they recognize it and know the best place to get them... But I can't be sure that would be possible either.

I think the best idea would be for you to plan another visit and buy more the next time you are here!!

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I am looking for a guided group-tour (walking and with jeeps?) to negev and/or sinai desert for some days and nights (sleeping outdoor). it should start and end in jerusalem, where I will be in october (till 20.)

if there is an german speaking guide, it would be easier. in any case he must be an official.

thanks for help!

erica wantoch 7/13/2011
Private Guide in Jerusalem
Avraham Tuval (Private Guide in Jerusalem) 7/30/2012:
Hi Erica,
If you are looking for private jeep tour, I can do that. If this is the case, please let me know.
Regards, Avraham.
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Udi Guberman (Private Guide) 7/14/2011:
Erica Hi,
I checked with some local operators who are involved with the type of program you requested to find out if anyone had anything going in October that you can join. So, far no. But as one never knows what can happen, you can check out in September and maybe there will be something you can join.

All the best

I am really fascinated when I read about the beneficial health properties of the Dead Sea. I was just wondering about what interesting natural, archaeological and historical sites are there near the Dead Sea. Can you recommend me some interesting localities?

Anna 2/17/2011
zvika livneh (Private Guide) 4/6/2011:
I was living and working as a guide by the Dead Sea, in one of the most beautiful desert oasises in the world. It is called Ein Gedi and it is now an amazing nature reserve with wild life and waterfalls, streams, ancient ruins of ancient caltures, clifs & gorges. There are plenty of hiking options around the Dead Sea area and if you are interested in historical / arceaological sites I can recomand also the famous site of Masada and Qumeran - wich is the place were the Dead Sea scrolls were found.

Private Guide in Jerusalem
Zel Lederman (Private Guide in Jerusalem) 2/17/2011:
Hi Anna,
I think the Dead Sea area abounds in interesting sites to visit:
Ein Gedi National Park
Kibbutz Ein Gedi Botanic Garden & spa
Historic site of Masada - King Herod's desert palace/fortress
Hope this helps.
Zel Lederman
Israel Travel Company
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How much does a typical tour of Jerusalem cost? I have always been interested in visiting Jerusalem but I do not want to pay extremely expensive prices to do so but since I am new to the location I donít know much about it! is it cheaper to have a personal tour guide or to go on a tour with other tourists?
Cathy Primerose 1/31/2011
Oded Amb (Private Guide) 2/17/2011:
At the Jaffa gate you can have A free tour of the old city of Jerusalem.

Udi Guberman (Private Guide) 1/31/2011:
A private tour of Jerusalem can cost from $300 - $600 depending on whether or not the guide has his own vehicle. You can join a regular 1 Day tour from Tel Aviv for $79 and if you are in Jerusalem, the tour will cost about $62.00