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Answers about Jordan

How many days should I allow to tour Amman and Petra? Other sites of interest? My interest is in history and culture, not so much "adventure" travel. I like to stay in inexpensive lodgings. I travel solo. I am traveling through SE Asia right now, and I expect to stop in Dubai and Qatar on the way home in February. I could stop in Jordan after that. . . What do you charge per day for car and your services? I assume you do the driving as well as the guiding? and I assume car and accommodations are air-conditioned?
David 12/14/2014
tour operator in Petra
Rudie (tour operator in Petra) 12/15/2014:
You can do Petra in one day ( from Amman ) , as you can spend a week in Jordan.

I will provide you with a/c car with English speaking driver, also local guide where applicable : this is the most feasible option for you as , you are traveling solo.

Prices will be function of the route ( what sites to visit ) , sure car & accommodations are a/c.
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We have plans to visit Wadi Ram while in Jordan but we also want to spend a day or two at another location. We are already considering Aqaba but are there any other places that are worthwhile? We have also read about the Dead Sea but I am unsure whether or not it is safe for younger children.
Adam Demond 1/31/2011
tour operator in Petra
Rudie (tour operator in Petra) 2/1/2011:
Sure, Dead Sea is a good choice, also it is safe for children; in fact they will love it , as they will float on water.

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