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Excursion in Salzburg. Austria. Europe


Participate in our wonderful excursions to Salzburg. Admire picturesque views, the beauty of its architecture, palaces and cathedrals. Learn about its amazing history, works of art and savor the unique flavors of traditional cuisine.

Excursion in Salzburg

Salzburg & Salzkammergut: 2 days out of Vienna

Guide: Wolfgang Auinger
Type: Excursion in Salzburg
Price: upon request
Duration: 2 - 4 days
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Customer's Opinions

Private Guides in Salzburg

All these tourists had unforgettable travel experience because of our guides from Salzburg.
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Walter:  I would like to know more about what are included in this tour, for instance, the transportation from Vienna hotel to Salzburg or Salzkammergut Lake Region; the accommodation in Salzburg or the Lake Region; the meals for the two days. Does "two days tour" means stay over two nights in Salzburg of Salkammergut Lake region? Thank you for your attention. Walter
R:  Hello, We are a family of 3 adults. We wish to visit Austria on 25, 26 July. We are aware it is a short time, but we prefer to leave Austria on 26th evening to Germany. Could you suggest a suitable tour itenerary for us? Thanks for your assistance
yeelyn:  Hello there i would like to find out about the tour as mentioned . How much will cost for 2 adults above 26 years old and one youth below 25 year old. Will be in Vienna on the 1st of 2nd of September til the 5 September. Thank you