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Excursion in Salzburg

Salzburg & Salzkammergut: 2 days out of Vienna

Guide: Wolfgang Auinger
Type: Excursion in Salzburg
Price: upon request
Duration: 2 - 4 days
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Marcia:  Hello, I am a travel agent in Michigan and have 2 clients who need a driver/guide for the following itinerary. May 12 pick up at the Vienna train station. I have all the hotels booked for this itinerary so they will just need a driver/guide throughout. 5/12 2 nights Vienna tours daily 5/14 2nights Salzburg tours daily 5/16 2nights Innsbruck tours daily 5/18 2 nights Vazun tours daily May 20th transfer to Geneva and dropped at a hotel there. Could you please price this out for me. I can be using the same guide throughout or using several. Thank you